Agriculture and rural development

Co-operation on organic farming

Co-operation on organic farming

Developing countries
Co-operation on organic farming

Organic farming offers African farmers a system of agriculture that minimises input cost and is well suited to smallholders in developing countries. This page gives links to further information on EU-AU cooperation in this area.

The brochure "Organic agriculture" (2012) aims to assist project officers in assessing proposals for development funding in organic farming.

The brochure "Agricultural markets and small-scale producers" (2012) informs about access and risk management tools for small scale producers.

The EU-AU seminar on organic agriculture took place in Brussels in July 2011

The 2nd African Organic Agriculture Conference was held in Lusaka, Zambia, in May 2012

African and ACP exports of organic product to the EU are certified by listed control bodies or approved by Member States.


>> For further information go to the Commission's "Organic farming" website