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Beneficiaries of CAP payments under shared management

Beneficiaries of CAP payments under shared management

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Beneficiaries of CAP payments under shared management

The European Commission maintains this webpage to facilitate public access to information on beneficiaries of CAP payments (shared management) which are published on Member State websites.

The transparency rules in a nutshell

The rules enhance transparency regarding the use of EU funds under the CAP and improve the sound financial management of these funds by reinforcing public control of the money used. At the same time, they strike a balance between these objectives and the beneficiaries’ right to respect of their private life in general and to the protection of their personal data in particular.

Under these rules, Member States shall ensure annual ex-post publication of the beneficiaries of CAP payments.

The publication shall contain: 

  • the municipality where the beneficiary is resident or is registered
  • the breakdown of the amounts of payments for each individual measure (list of measures), as well as the sum of the those amounts received by each beneficiary in the financial year
  • a description of the measures financed by the Funds, including the nature and the objective of each measure

As regards the payments corresponding to the measures financed by the EAFRD the amounts to be published shall correspond to the total public funding, including both the EU and the national contribution.

The information to be published by the Member States under these transparency rules shall be made available on a single website per Member State.

The information shall be published by 31 May each year for the preceding financial year and remain available for two years from the date of the initial publication.

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Detailed description

For a detailed description of the new rules please read the Regulations that form their legal basis:

Member State websites providing information on beneficiaries of CAP payments (shared management)

Please note that the websites linked to are under the control of Member states of the European Union and are not under the control of the Commission services. The content of these sites is the sole responsibility of the Member states concerned. The European Commission therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data or information provided, nor does it accept responsibility or liability for any use made thereof.

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