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Anti-fraud policy

Anti-fraud policy

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CAP funding
Anti-fraud policy

In order to better protect the budget of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) against fraud, the European Commission has put in place a specific anti-fraud policy.

The anti-fraud policy's main objectives are to

  • raise fraud awareness in Member States and within the Commission
  • reinforce fraud prevention
  • reinforce fraud risk assessment
  • develop fraud detection capabilities
  • give guidance to Member States for fraud prevention and detection
  • reinforce cooperation with the European Anti-fraud Office (OLAF)

The Anti-fraud Strategy underpins the principles of sound financial management and good governance of the CAP budget by the Member States to which the Commission is fully committed.

The implementation of the anti-fraud policy is under way. Several seminars for fraud prevention and detection have already been held in some Member States and Candidate Countries. Guidance notes on fraud prevention and detection are available to the competent authorities throughout Europe.

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