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Policy instruments for the beef and veal sector

Policy instruments for the beef and veal sector

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Beef and veal
Policy instruments for the beef and veal sector

The objectives of the EU policy instruments are to structure and safeguard the stability of market prices in the sector, to facilitate the marketing of products and to establish the rules in the trade with third countries, providing stability for the European producers and processors.

Beef and veal belong to the products covered by Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013 on the common organisation of the agricultural markets, providing market instruments to stabilize the sector when needed.

The main market instruments are:

Public intervention: may be opened by the Commission if, over a representative period the average market price in a Member State or in a region of a Member State is below 85% of the reference threshold (EUR 2224/tonne).

Private storage aid: the Commission may decide to grant private storage aid taking into account the average market prices and the reference thresholds and production costs for the products concerned; and/or the need to respond in a timely way to a particularly difficult market situation or economic developments having a significant negative impact on the margins in the sector.

Other instruments:

  • Collective negotiation: This is a new instrument available for the beef and veal sector. Producer organisations in the beef and veal sector may negotiate supply under certain conditions.
  • Exceptional market support measures are possible in case of animal diseases and loss of consumer confidence.
  • Weekly price monitoring for beef carcasses and live bovine animals: the EU wide system of carcasses classification, the price reporting and statistic information provide the basis for market monitoring as well as for objective grading of carcasses in slaughterhouses and fair payment to producers

Every week Member States notify their representative prices to the Commission.

>> Weekly prices

The trends, developments and general prospects of the beef and veal market are available in the Commission short-term and mid-term reports.

>> Market reports

At the monthly Committee for the Common Organisation of the Agricultural Markets the Commission presents the market situation of the beef and veal sector.

>> Market situation

Rules on Trade with Third Countries

The imports are organized by a system of quotas. Quotas may be Erga omnes or country allocated. The management of the quotas may be a first come/first served system or regulated by a system of licenses.

The use of each import tariff quota is available on the Commission's website.

>> Tariff quota database

Import quota