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Agricultural Markets Task Force (AMTF)

Agricultural Markets Task Force (AMTF)

Agricultural Markets Task Force
Agricultural Markets Task Force (AMTF)

With greater market orientation of EU policies and increasing trade liberalisation in recent years, the EU agriculture sector is no longer shielded from global developments in the food supply chain. The participation of the European agri-food sector in global markets has created important trading opportunities, but also exposed it to greater market instability and increased price volatility.

In this context the European Commission's Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development set up in January 2016 a new expert group called the "Agricultural Markets Task Force".

Read the final report Executive summary.


The mandate for the Task Force was to discuss relevant issues, such as market transparency, access for farmers to financial instruments and futures markets to hedge price risks, options for arranging contractual relations within the chain and legal possibilities for organising farmers' collective actions. All of this with a view to improving the position of farmers in the food chain. The final report of the Task Force, which includes a number of concrete recommendations for policy and legislative initiatives, was presented to Commissioner Hogan by Task Force Chairman Cees Veerman on 14 November 2016.

Read the final report Executive Summary.


The Task Force consisted of 12 members, all experienced experts on one or more aspects of the food chain.

The Task Force met regularly between January and November 2016 to complete its work.

The Task Force called on relevant external experts to appear at the different sessions for given themes, which was followed by discussion within the Task Force itself. There was also input from representatives from the Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission, and a range of contributions from third parties.


A short description of each meeting is published on this webpage.


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