Agriculture and rural development

About this site

About this site

About this site
About this site

This website is developed and managed by the European Commission's Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development. It provides information on the Common Agricultural Policy, its development and implementation, and aims to contribute towards a robust and competitive agricultural sector and the sustainable development of rural areas in the EU.

What type of information is available on this website?

The site offers:

  • an up-to-date coverage of policy developments in the framework of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
  • specific subsites covering the "pillars" of the CAP (1: direct payments and market measures, 2: rural development)
  • a wide range of sub-sites on topical issues (environment, enlargement, product quality ...)
  • news, speeches, information on events
  • electronic publications
  • analyses, statistics and evaluations
  • policy consultations
  • calls for tender
  • and much more

A number of agriculture-related topics and policies (for example food safety or plant health) fall under the responsibility of a Commission Directorate-General other than the Agriculture and Rural Development DG. To facilitate access to information on these topics, links to the respective web sites on EUROPA are provided on the homepage and/or in related sub-sites of the "Agriculture and Rural Development" web site.


What languages is this website available in?

This website adheres to the general language guidelines set out for EUROPA. Our aim is to provide the visitors with the information they are looking for in their own language or in a language they are most likely to understand.

Official documents (like legislation, international agreements, preparatory acts) are available in at least the languages which were official at the date of publication. Other documents, of a non-legally binding nature, are frequently published in English, French and German.

General information which is not prone to frequent changes is available in 23 official languages.

More specialized information is generally available in three languages: English, French and German.

Highly specialised information in the deeper levels of the website is sometimes available only in English.

Specific information campaigns, targeted at the wider public or parts of it (for example children), are usually launched in 23 EU official languages.



The information available on this site may only be reproduced on condition that the source is acknowledged (see the copyright notice).

We recommend not to duplicate our content on your website, rather to insert a link to it, clearly mentioning the source (Agriculture and Rural Development thematic site on EUROPA, © European Union, 1995-201x). This will also allow you to link to constantly updated information.

More generally, links to the 'Agriculture and Rural Development on EUROPA' thematic site can be created from any website provided that the following conditions are met:

  • links should be illustrated with the European flag and the text "Agriculture and Rural Development on EUROPA". If the flag cannot be used, textual links are also allowed (for example: "Further information is available from the 'Agriculture and Rural Development on EUROPA' web site"), subject to the conditions below;
  • links should be made only to pages displaying the hyperlink to the disclaimer and copyright notices;
  • when accessing the 'Agriculture and Rural Development on EUROPA' pages via a link, it should be perfectly clear to users that they are viewing information that is not exclusive or dependent on a fee for access;
  • equally important and related to the above point is that links should not be put in a context which could make users believe that the European institutions endorse, or support the objectives or contents of the other website, or the organisation managing it;
  • if links are made from a frames-based website, the pages should not be displayed as frames within that website in such a way that users might thereby misunderstand the true origin of the pages;
  • as soon as a link has been established, the Agriculture and Rural Development webmaster should be notified by transmission of the URL of the page where the link appears.