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ID 1048. Meal Vouchers - Restaurant card/voucher Back

Relevant provisions
Recital 5 of Directive 2009/110/EC

In accordance with Recital 5, restaurant cards or restaurant vouchers are included or excluded of the application of the Directive?
- Both are mail voucher - (Excluded)
- Are instruments which can be used for purchases in stores of listed merchants (restaurants listed) - (Included)

Thanks in advance.

According to recital 5, the Directive applies to the different pre-paid instruments listed in it depending on the criteria of the distribution network used and of their purpose. Specific-purpose instruments distributed through a limited network are excluded, but they enter under of the scope of the directive if they develop into general-purpose instruments "designed for a network of service providers which is continuously growing". 

The national authorities are the only competent to analyse and decide based on the business models used if a specific pre-paid instrument should be excluded or not from the application of the Directive.      

Submitted on 26/05/2011