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1107 Capital requirements for counterparty credit risk arising from both banking book and trading book positions 2006/49/EC I
1018 Synthetic securitisation: partial protection 2006/48/EC 4
957 407 Large exposure 2006/49/EC VI
952 406 Securitisation 2006/48/EC IX
946 405 'Partial' investment in CIUs 2006/48/EC VIII
944 404 Currency mismatch haircuts for unfunded credit protection 2006/48/EC VIII
943 403 Risk weight for exposures to institutions 2006/48/EC VI
940 402 Cash flow generated by the underlying property serving as collateral while using %50 Risk Weight 2006/48/EC VI
936 401 Exposure value 2006/48/EC 106
931 400 Securitisation 2006/48/EC 122
930 399 Exposures in the form of collective investment undertakings (CIUs) 2006/48/EC 87
928 398 Type of calls allowed within the securitisation framework of the CRD 2006/48/EC IX
925 397 Large exposure 2006/48/EC 106
914 396 Implementation of the CRD in EU Member States' national law 2000/12/EC
913 395 Loss events which affect the entire institution 2006/48/EC X

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