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1123 Information to clients 2004/39/EC 19
1120 Definitions 2004/39/EC 4
1117 Ancillary services 2004/39/EC
1114 Suitability and appropriateness tests 2006/73/EC
1095 Definitions 2004/39/EC I
1087 Exemptions 2004/39/EC 2
1022 Outsourcing 2006/73/EC 12
982 Foreign exchange 2004/39/EC I
955 332 Definitions 2004/39/EC I
885 295. Foreign exchange 2004/39/EC I
875 292. Definitions 2004/39/EC I
870 290. Client classification 2004/39/EC II
862 284. Definitions 2004/39/EC 2
859 281. Exemptions 2004/39/EC 2
853 278. Client funds and client property rules 2004/39/EC 13

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Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
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Capital Requirements Directives (CRD)
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