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Payment Services Directive

Name: Payment Services Directive
Full title: Directive 2007/64/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 November 2007 on payment services in the internal market amending Directives 97/7/EC, 2002/65/EC, 2005/60/EC and 2006/48/EC and repealing Directive 97/5/EC
On EUR-lex : 32007L0064

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1 1 Value date Debit value date in case of bank holiday 73(2)
10 10 Scope Clearing and settlement service models 3(h)
102 100 Charges ATM surcharging 52(3)
103 101 Availability of funds No payee account at the receiving bank 70
104 102 Payment transactions Initiation 62
105 103 Maximum execution time Paper-initiated transactions 69(1)
106 104 Charges SHARE, BEN and OUR 52
107 105 Charges Debiting fees from accounts 62
108 106 Scope Cheques 3(g)
109 107.1 Maximum execution time Scope 68(1)(c)
110 107.2 Maximum execution time Card transactions 69(1)
111 107.3 Maximum execution time Availability of funds for card transactions 70
112 108 Currency conversion Scope of application 49(2)
113 109 Charges SHARE principle 52(2)
11 11 Payment account versus mortgage accounts 4

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Payment services
Asset management
Capital Requirements Directives (CRD)
Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
Retail financial services and payments
Securities markets

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