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Capital Requirements Directive

Questions on legislative acts
  • 2006/48/EC : Capital Requirements Directive - 2006/48/EC
  • 2006/49/EC : Capital Requirements Directive - 2006/49/EC
  • 2000/12/EC : Capital Requirements Directive - 2000/12/EC

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  • ID 1018 published on 14/05/2012 :
    Synthetic securitisation: partial protection -
    According Art.4 point 38, synthetic securitization means a securitisation where the tranching is achieved by the use of credit derivatives or guarantees, and the pool of exposures is not removed from ...
  • ID 1107 published on 29/03/2012 :
    Capital requirements for counterparty credit risk arising from both banking book and trading book positions -

    Section 4 of the Annex I says "The competent authorities may allow the capital requirement for an exchange-traded future to be equal to the margin required by the exchange if they are fully sa ...

  • ID 957 with reference 407 published on 30/09/2010 :
    Large exposure - Calculating Incremental Capital Requirements
    With regard to the provisions contained in Annex VI and in particular the "excess over the limits" can you advise what the first band (200% factor) "up to 40%" should mean? Is it effectively 40% of ow ...
  • ID 952 with reference 406 published on 30/09/2010 :
    Securitisation - Significant risk transfer
    a) When do you have to comply with the requirement to hold a "maximum of 50% of the risk-weighted mezzanine securitisation positions" ?
    At the start of the transaction or on an ongoing basis ?
  • ID 946 with reference 405 published on 30/09/2010 :
    'Partial' investment in CIUs - Recognition of units in collective investment undertakings as collateral
    It is stated in Annex VIII Part 1 point 9 that units in collective investment undertakings (CIUs) may be recognised as eligible collateral if the CIU is limited to investing in instruments that are el ...

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