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Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

Questions on legislative acts
  • 2004/39/EC : Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)
  • 2006/73/EC : MiFID Implementing Directive
  • 1287/2006 : MiFID Implementing Regulation

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  • ID 955 with reference 332 :
    Definitions -
    Recently we have seen, in certain EU jurisdictions, the flourish of several Binary Options Trading Companies. Very briefly, these Binary Options Trading Companies typically offer their Clients (retail ...
  • ID 982 published on 22/07/2013 :
    Foreign exchange -
    Does a rolling spot Foreign Exchange on margin take the form of a derivative contract or contract for difference to be considered financial instrument under MiFID ?
  • ID 1123 published on 06/12/2012 :
    Information to clients - Information to clients about costs and charges
    Art. 19, para 3 of the 2004 directive refers to 'clients or potential clients', whereas the 2006 implementing directive only refers to 'retail or potential retail clients'. Does this mean that the obl ...
  • ID 1095 published on 09/01/2013 :
    Definitions -
    Is the trade of Binary Options an activity regulated under MiFID? Do Binary Options fall within the definition of financial instruments under MiFID?

    Scenario: Binary Options are typically offer ...
  • ID 1114 published on 09/01/2013 :
    Suitability and appropriateness tests -
    Could a bank submit the suitability and appropriateness questionnaire online through its Internet banking service?

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