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Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

What are they for?

The projects funded under this Key Action will focus on sharing, developing and transferring innovative practices between participating countries.

Strategic partnerships foster cooperation between organisations in different countries engaged in youth work and non-formal learning for young people.

By working together, the organisations involved will develop new approaches to youth work and encourage cooperation over longer periods.

Young people benefitting from the projects will learn about social entrepreneurship and be encouraged to take a more active role in their local economy and society.

What does Erasmus+ support?

To be eligible for funding, strategic partnerships for youth should last from 6 months to 2 years and involve partners from at least two different countries. They should foster:

  • Development, testing, and/or implementation of innovative practices in the field of youth;
  • Recognition and validation of skills and competences;
  • Cooperation between regional authorities to promote the development of education, training, and youth systems and their integration in local and regional development;
  • Trans-national youth initiatives, jointly carried out by groups of young people, encouraging entrepreneurial mind-sets and skills to boost active citizenship and entrepreneurship.
Who can take part?

Youth organisations based in and outside the EU as well as other stakeholders involved in youth issues. Informal groups of young people are also eligible to apply for funding for transnational youth initiatives.  7,000 strategic partnership projects are expected to benefit in the period 2014-2020.


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