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Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices

What is it for?

Erasmus+ link to another EC website aims to strengthen the quality of youth work and non-formal learning for young people in Europe. It provides opportunities for youth workers and organisations to develop innovative approaches and exchange best practice, while supporting young people to develop their interpersonal skills and improve their employment prospects.

What does it support?
  • Strategic partnerships – organisations or informal groups of young people active in youth work can apply for funding to run collaborative projects aimed at improving youth work practises;
  • Capacity building - to foster cooperation and exchange in the field of youth between Programme Countries and partner Countries from diferent regions of the world.
Who can take part?

Opportunities are available to the following individuals and organisations:

  • Young people aged between 13 and 30;
  • Youth organisations based in the EU and outside the EU;
  • Other stakeholders with an active interest in youth issues.