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Opportunities  for Youth Workers

Opportunities for Youth Workers

What is it for?

Opportunities abroad allow youth workers to learn about the cultural diversity of young people and different practices in youth work in other countries. These opportunities help youth workers in their professional development by enabling them to aquire new skills and professional experiences.

The organisations involved will develop new learning methods, as well as long term cooperation with organisations abroad.

What does it support?

The following mobility opportunities are available across the EU, and to/from non-EU countries:

  • Training and networking activities;
  • Job shadowing or observation periods in a youth organisation abroad.

A youth worker mobility activity can last from 2 days to 8 weeks.

Who can take part?

Opportunities are available for workers involved in the personal, educational, and social development of young people.

140,000 youth workers are expected to benefit from mobility projects in the period 2014-2020.