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Voluntary activities

Voluntary activities

What is the EU's Role?

Volunteering is an important form of non-formal learning for young people. The strategy aims to promote:

  • greater recognition for skills acquired through voluntary activities, to make placements more worthwhile;
  • greater awareness of the value of voluntary activities;
  • decent working conditions for young volunteers and opportunities to do genuinely enriching work;
  • intergenerational solidarity through voluntary activities;
  • transnational volunteering.
How is this being done?

Specifically, the Commission is working to increase cooperation between organisers of voluntary activities and encourage more young people to volunteer in other EU countries through an expert group that meets 2-3 times a year to exchange good practice, create networking links, and support the development of the EU youth volunteering platform;

The European Voluntary Service (EVS), part of Erasmus+, offers young people the opportunity to volunteer full-time in another country inside or outside the EU.