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EU Youth Strategy

What is the EU's Role?

The European Commission promotes dialogue between youth and policy makers in order to increase active citizenship, foster social integration, and ensure inclusion of the young in EU policy development.

These priorities form a core part of the EU Youth Strategy for 2010-18, which has two overall objectives:

  • to provide more and equal opportunities for young people in education and in the job market
  • to encourage young people to actively participate in society.

The Strategy proposes initiatives in eight fields of action:

How is this being done?

This work is carried out primarily through the Youth in Action programme, as well as the development of a framework for political cooperation, and increasing the visibility of youth and their organisations. This is primarily achieved through:

In addition to these there is the Erasmus+ programme, which provides opportunities for young people to live, learn, and play an active role in society in other EU countries.


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