What is the EU's role?

The EU supports young people’s creativity and innovation through access to and participation in culture.

In particular the EU Youth Strategy aims to:

  • Support the development of creativity among young people;
  • Increase access to culture and creative tools;
  • Make new technologies available to empower young people’s creativity and innovation, and boost interest in culture, the arts and science;
  • Provide access to places where young people can develop their creativity and interests;
  • Facilitate long-term synergies between policies and programmes in culture, education, health, social inclusion, media, employment and youth to promote creativity and innovation;
  • Promote specialised training in culture, new media and intercultural skills for youth workers;
  • Promote partnerships between the cultural and creative sectors, youth organisations and youth workers;
  • Facilitate and support young people's talent and entrepreneurial skills;
  • Promote knowledge about culture and cultural heritage.

How is this being done?

The Commission supports these objectives through its funding programmes, policies and studies: