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What is the Directorate General for Education and Culture?

The Directorate General for Education and Culture, or DG EAC, is the branch of the European Commission charged with Education, Training, Youth, Sport, Languages, and Culture.

Its activities, as concerns youth, are framed by the EU Youth Strategy for 2010-18, designed to promote the participation of youth in society, and ensure equal opportunities for young people in work and education.

What does it do?

In the field of youth, DG EAC, is responsible for the development of evidence-based policy and the management of initiatives in support of education and training across Europe, most notably the Erasmus+ programme .

As the executive arm of the European Union, the European Commission is held accountable to the European Parliament, namely, in the case of DG EAC, the Education and Culture Committee .

What are its responsibilities?

DG EAC has eight main areas of responsibility in the field of youth, outlined in the youth strategy, covering the education, work, wellbeing, and inclusion of youth across Europe.

This is achieved through a variety of means, notably dialogue with the Member States and with youth and youth organisations.

What are the next steps?

In addition to the Erasmus+ programme, which provides a variety of youth-specific opportunities, DG EAC will be managing a variety of other initiatives to increase the inclusion and participation of youth in society.

Progress towards these aims and the objectives of the youth strategy will continue to be monitored and assessed through the Youth Report, the next edition of which is to be released in 2015.


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