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  • Start date : 29/05/2013 11:58:49

The 2013 European Youth Week is now underway (26th May - 2nd June) with a week-long series of youth events across Europe. From youth conferences to high-level public debates, the week is providing the opportunity to showcase the achievements and opportunities available through the EU’s Youth in Action programme, as well as promote active citizenship and participation ready for the European elections in 2014. In addition to the events taking place at the local, regional and national levels in the participating countries of the Youth in Action (YiA) programme, there are also numerous events in Brussels. 


Commissioner VassiliouNOW ongoing: Structured Dialogue:
This week (from Monday 27th - Wednesday 29th May) the European Youth Forum and representatives from National Working Groups are meeting in Brussels to discuss their experiences of Structured Dialogue so far.
The conclusions from this SD conference will be the basis for subsequent joint recommendations to be passed on to the EU Youth Ministers.
What is Structured Dialogue?  

In a nutshell, Structured Dialogue (SD) with youth is a means of making sure that young people’s voices are heard and feed into the development of EU youth policy.
SD was launched in 2010 and runs in 18 months cycles, each of which is devoted to a particular policy priority. Having previously debated the issues of ‘youth unemployment’ and ‘youth participation’, the current – and third – cycle is focused on ‘social inclusion’.

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