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Youth in Action Awards

  • Start date : 19/07/2013 11:23:03

During the European Youth Week 2013 three outstanding Youth in Action projects were presented with an award.


In celebration of 25 years of European youth programmes, a Youth in Action awards ceremony took place during the European Youth Week. Out of the 36 projects showcased during that week, the winners were chosen in three categories: Youth Exchanges, European Voluntary Service, and Training and Networking Opportunities for Youth Workers.


Youth Exchanges - The "Youth Ambassadors Summer Institute 2012"

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The project united participants from Belgium, Greece, Luxemburg, Poland, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Moldova for a 11-day event in Flanders, Belgium.The purpose of the Summer Institute was to broaden the horizons of the young participants beyond national borders and to give them a sense of being European citizens. By creating a forum for debate on a wide range of current issues that affect the lives of young people today, they encouraged the participants to think seriously about their own role and responsibility as citizens. The project was organised by the Belgian promoter Ryckevelde.


European Voluntary Service – "EVS for refugees"

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The refugee centre in Czerwony Bor, in the Polish region of Podlaskie, set up mainly for asylum seekers from Chechnya, is located in a secluded area surrounded by forests which makes integration with the local population very difficult. Fortunately their situation has been greatly improved, thanks in large part to the work of volunteers.
Four young women from France, Italy, Latvia and Spain spent eight months in 2010/11 helping out in the centre. It was the fourth group of European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteers to work with refugees here and they were able to continue the progress made by their predecessors. Their tasks consisted in organising activities for the children and young people living in the centre, but also in developping links between the local community and the refugees in order to create a positive attitude among local population towards their new neighbours.


Training and networking opportunities for youth workers – "Comics against violence"

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A group of 18 young people and youth leaders from Austria, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, France, Italy, Serbia, Spain and Sweden met over eight days in June 2011 in Lorca, a small Spanish town, and used a method to combat gender-based violence which has a special appeal for young people. The production of comics depicting scenarios which tackle the issue of sexual violence among teenagers. The project was carried out by Cazalla Intercultural, Spain.


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