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Auf der Erasmus+ – Projektergebnisse finden Sie alle Informationen über europäische Bildungs-, Ausbildungs-, Kultur- und Jugendprojekte.

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European Voluntary Service

How to become a European Voluntary Service organisationmpg(1.35 Mb)English (en)

Five organisations from the UK, Italy, Romania and Latvia share experiences of hosting European Voluntary Service volunteers, and explain how organisations can host their own EVS volunteers.

EVS: Improve your skills and society

EVS: Improve your skills and societympg(1.35 Mb)English (en)

Through the European Voluntary Service Mina Jaf was able to help refugees in Belgium, whilst also gaining new skills such as organisation and leadership.

European Youth Week 2015

European Youth Week 2015mpg(1.35 Mb)English (en)

Highlights from 2015's European Youth Week.

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