European Solidarity Corps

European Solidarity Corps

New initiative provides volunteering and job opportunities for young people to work on solidarity projects



Youth Strategy


Find out about the EU's policies in the field of youth, as well as the priorities and targets of the EU Youth Strategy



Culture initiatives


Details of how the European Commission addresses the challenges facing young people and supports youth policy in the EU.



Young people with suitcases setting off on a journey

Who are the young people participating in Erasmus+? Where do they go?

There are many opportunities for young people and youth workers to practice and/or develop their skills abroad; from volunteering to youth exchanges and training activities. Where were their top destinations and which countries send the most participants abroad? What did they feel were the benefits of their time away?

A public consultation on the European Solidarity Corps is now open

Calling to share your opinion! An online public consultation on the new European Solidarity Corps has been launched. The website will collate the opinions of all those who wish to give their vision of how the organisation would work best. Input is welcome from all involved or not yet involved.