Consultations: 2011

Unfair business to business commercial practises

(14.07.2011 – 14.10.2011)

Has your company experienced behaviour or contract term imposed by your business partner that you considered unfair? Has your company any experience in seeking redress from such a behaviour? … more »

Future for Research Training

(18.04.2011 – 16.05.2011)

This consultation primarily addresses companies involved in research and development (R&D) activities. The European Commission is interested to learn how important it is for your company to collaborate with research institutions from the public sector and to assess your willingness to be actively involved in the training of researchers. In addition to that, this survey will help measuring the current awareness of the Marie Curie Actions (MCAs) in the private sector … more »

Robotics and Automation Technologies

(15.04.2011 – 13.05.2011)

Robotics and automation technologies are key industries for Europe. Not only are they successful industries in their own right with a big share of the world market, they also help to keep manufacturing in high-wage regions such as Europe and enable an ageing workforce to cope with the demands of industrial labour … more »

Help us identify business obstacles in the Internal Market

(31.03.2011 – 29.04.2011)

Is your company doing business across national borders in the EU? Have you ever been frustrated by lack of information or constructive advice on anything to do with Single Market rules? … more »

Cross-Border Public Procurement

(24.02.2011 – 24.03.2011)

European Union legislation on public procurement is in place to increase market transparency and competition within the European Single Market. Common public procurement procedures across Europe shall – inter alia – facilitate cross-border public procurement … more »

How do you pay? How would you like to pay?

(17.01.2011 – 14.02.2011)

The European Central Bank (ECB) is interested in learning more about how your company makes payments. The ECB is working closely with the European Commission to ensure that SEPA becomes a reality and is in the best interests of all parties involved … more »

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – practical way to solve disputes with consumers

(17.12.2010 – 17.01.2011)

The availability of effective redress mechanisms is one of the factors that encourage consumers to shop online and cross-border, while ensuring that they enjoy their substantive rights, as set out in EU law. ADR enables consumers and businesses to settle their disputes in an amicable way … more »

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