Consultations: 2010

A Legislative Instrument in European Contract Law

(26.11.2010 – 23.12.2010)

The Internal Market offers great opportunities for cross-border trade, which has been demonstrated to contribute to higher turnover growth, higher employment growth and more innovative products and services. Nevertheless, the co-existence of different rules can lead to additional transaction costs, increased legal uncertainty for businesses and lack of consumer confidence. For example, 60% of companies see these additional compliance costs as a major obstacle to make transactions with consumers based in other Member States. Currently, 75% of European enterprises do not trade across borders, whereas almost 50% indicate that they would start doing so if regulations were the same … more »

Moving staff within the European Union and associated social security coordination issues

(11.10.2010 – 09.11.2010)

Mobility patterns have evolved over the last decades and cover a wide range of situations. The mobility of employees within a group of companies is one of them … more »

Review of EU minimum rules on organisation of working time (Working Time Directive)

(14.07.2010 – 13.08.2010)

The European Commission is currently engaged in a comprehensive review of the Working Time Directive, which sets common minimum standards for all EU member states regarding maximum weekly working time, minimum daily and weekly rests, minimum annual paid leave, and extra protection for night workers. The objectives of the Directive are to protect workers’ health and safety, in a way that also ensures a fair level playing field for employers across the EU … more »

Commercial disputes and cross border debt recovery

(14.07.2010 – 13.08.2010)

Business and citizens are often faced with difficulties when they attempt to enforce their judgment in another Member State. Facilitating the recovery of cross border debts is crucial for a well-functioning Single Market … more »

Simplification and modernisation of accounting rules (4th Company Law directive)

(26.03.2010 – 30.04.2010)

The EU 4th Company Law Directive provides a common set of accounting principles, prescribed layouts for the profit and loss account (P&L) and balance sheet and a set of minimum disclosures for annual accounts of limited liability companies … more »

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