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TitlePolicy FieldClosing DateFollow-up

Public Consultation on the Implementation and Ratification of the Nagoya Protocol on Access to genetic resources and Benefit Sharing arising out of their utilization (ABS)


Consultation on reducing fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions – Further action at EU level

Climate Action19.12.2011Follow-up

Public Consultation on Directive 2006/114/EC concerning Misleading and Comparative Advertising and on unfair commercial practices affecting businesses

Justice and Fundamental Rights16.12.2011Follow-up

Consultation on reducing CO₂ emissions from road vehicles

Climate Action09.12.2011Follow-up

Have your say about the Commission Public Health website

Public Health09.12.2011Follow-up

Areas of untapped potential for the development of the European Research Area

Research and Technology30.11.2011Follow-up

Green Paper on the online distribution of audiovisual works in the European Union: opportunities and challenges towards a digital single market

Internal Market18.11.2011Follow-up

Implementing measures for the performance of pharmacovigilance activities

Public Health07.11.2011Follow-up
Possible revision of the southern hake and Norway lobster recovery plan
Maritime Affairs and Fisheries07.11.2011Follow-up

Review of the internal market in road freight transport


Consultation on the draft legal act on the harmonization and interoperability of environmental information (as defined in Annexes Ⅱ and Ⅲ of the INSPIRE Directive [2/2007])


Clean Transport Systems (CTS) initiative


Consultation on EU air quality legislation


Green paper on promotion measures and information provision for agricultural products

Agriculture and Rural Development07.10.2011Follow-up

Assessing State aid for films and other audiovisual works


Public consultation on the health effects of artificial light

Public Health30.09.2011Follow-up

Consultation on the Review of the Communication on short term export credit insurance


Green Paper – Modernising the Professional Qualifications Directive

Internal Market20.09.2011Follow-up

Public Consultation on a new Trade and Development Communication


Impact assessment for a possible revision of Directive 2000/59/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2000 on port reception facilities for ship-generated wastes and cargo residues


Enhanced data transparency on electricity market fundamentals


Public consultation on the preparation of a Communication on the Sustainable Competitiveness of the construction sector and its enterprises


Social Business Initiative: Promoting social investment funds

Internal Market14.09.2011Follow-up

Public Consultation on a possible revision of Directive 2003/42/EC on occurrence reporting in civil aviation and of its implementing rules


Public consultation on the Toxicity and Assessment of Chemical Mixtures

Public Health09.09.2011Follow-up

Sixth adaptation of Annex II to technical and scientific progress


Consultation on scientific information in the digital age

Research and Technology09.09.2011Follow-up

Consultation on practical rules for notifying personal data breaches

Information Society09.09.2011Follow-up

Follow-up to the 2006–2013 NAIADES Action Programme


Revision of the Guidelines on public funding to broadband networks.


Public Consultation on Cloud Computing

Information Society31.08.2011Follow-up

Free movement of workers

Employment and Social Affairs12.08.2011Follow-up

Consultation on a new European regime for venture capital

Internal Market10.08.2011Follow-up

Consultation on options to reduce the use of plastic carrier bags and improve requirements for biodegradability


Consultation on the access of third countries to the EU’s public procurement market


On-line gambling in the Internal Market

Internal Market31.07.2011Follow-up

The EU corporate governance framework

Internal Market22.07.2011Follow-up

Amendment of the State aid Reporting obligations


Consultation on Fishing Opportunities

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries20.07.2011Follow-up

Small Business, Big World – a new partnership to help SMEs seize global opportunities


Long term management plan for the stock of sole in the Western Channel

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries08.07.2011Follow-up

Public Consultation on the Future investment relationship between the EU and China


Public consultation on a possible Innovation Partnership on raw materials


Consultation on the results of the study on the implementation of the Regulation 1435/2003 on the Statute for a European Cooperative Society (SCE)


Public consultation on future funding activities in the area of Justice, Fundamental Rights and Equality for the period after 2013

Justice and Fundamental Rights15.06.2011Follow-up

Public Consultation on the revision of the Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686/EEC


Public consultation on an amendment to the 'penalties regulation' (No 658/2007) concerning infringements committed by marketing authorisation holders of medicinal products

Public Health10.06.2011Follow-up

The EU ETS Monitoring & Reporting Regulation and EU ETS Accreditation & Verification Regulation

Climate Action10.06.2011Follow-up

Review of the Community guidelines on financing of airports and start-up aid to airlines departing from regional airports


Public consultation on the Global Approach to Migration

Home Affairs06.06.2011Follow-up

Towards the Youth on the Move card: What is needed to increase the mobility and participation of young people in Europe?


Green paper on the future of VAT


Stakeholder consultation on health security in the European Union

Public Health31.05.2011Follow-up

Study on options to fully harmonise EU legislation on fertilising materials including technical feasibility, environmental, social, economic impacts


Public consultation on the possible revision of Directive 89/105/EEC on the transparency of measures regulating the pricing and reimbursement of medicines


Smart Regulation of Medicated Feed - How to safeguard public and animal health while increasing the competitiveness of the EU’s livestock sector

Public Health30.05.2011Follow-up

Hearing on Integrated Coastal Zone Management


Public consultation on MEDIA Mundus: A broad international cooperation programme for the audiovisual industries


Consultation on Strategic Transport Technology Plan (STTP)


Public consultation on a possible successor instrument to the EU programme for employment and social solidarity – Progress 2007–2013

Employment and Social Affairs27.05.2011Follow-up

Consultation on best practices for cooperation among EU national competition authorities


Public consultation on the registration of cars previously registered in another Member State


Public Consultation on the eHealth Action Plan (eHAP) 2012-2020

Information Society25.05.2011Follow-up

From Challenges to Opportunities: Towards a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation funding

Research and Technology20.05.2011Follow-up

Oil & gas offshore safety


Consultation on Maritime Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries20.05.2011Follow-up

Consultation on an Industrial Policy for the Security Industry


Revision of the ‘Clinical Trials Directive’ 2001/20/EC – concept paper submitted for public consultation

Public Health13.05.2011Follow-up

Public consultation on the “Smart Cities and Communities” initiative


The future Commission Guidelines for State aid in the context of the amended EU Emissions Trading Scheme


Consultation on the establishment of an European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps

Humanitarian Aid03.05.2011Follow-up

Public consultation on the bio-based economy for Europe: state of play and future potential

Research and Technology02.05.2011Follow-up

Less red tape for citizens: Promoting the free movement of public documents and recognition of the effects of civil status documents

Justice and Fundamental Rights30.04.2011Follow-up

Taxation problems that arise when dividends are distributed across borders to portfolio and individual investors and possible solutions


Towards a Coherent European Approach on Collective Redress


Permit granting procedures for energy infrastructure projects


Public consultation on the revision of Decision 280/2004/EC (Monitoring Mechanism Decision)

Climate Action29.04.2011Follow-up

Consultation on a Roadmap to a resource-efficient Europe


Financial sector taxation


Consultation on the modernisation of EU public procurement policy - Towards a more efficient European Procurement Market

Internal Market18.04.2011Follow-up

Digital Agenda for Europe: Electronic identification, authentication and signatures in the European digital single market Public consultation

Information Society15.04.2011Follow-up

Possible EU legislative criteria and requirements for waste shipment inspections


Public Consultation on the modification of Congestion Management Procedures in the gas sector


The EU position for the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development

Notice of stakeholder meeting on the Final Assessment of the 6th Environment Action ProgrammeEnvironment01.04.2011Follow-up

Consultation on the Commission Report on the enforcement of intellectual property rights

Internal Market31.03.2011Follow-up

Green Infrastructure


Consultation on the Study on interest rate restrictions

Internal Market22.03.2011Follow-up

Consultation on EU funding in the area of home affairs after 2013

Home Affairs20.03.2011Follow-up

Public Consultation on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications Directive

Internal Market15.03.2011Follow-up

Consultation on the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution as a means to resolve disputes related to commercial transactions and practices in the European Union


Consultation on the implementation and effect of the Resale Right Directive

Internal Market11.03.2011Follow-up

Public consultation on possible measures to strengthen bank capital requirements for counterparty credit risk

Internal Market09.03.2011Follow-up

The External Dimension of the EU energy policy


Technical details of a possible european crisis management framework

Internal Market03.03.2011Follow-up

Public consultation on Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) and on the harmonisation of certain aspects of securities settlement in the European Union

Internal Market01.03.2011Follow-up

Your opinion on the Single Market Act

Internal Market28.02.2011Follow-up
Consultation on the Review of the Insurance Mediation Directive (IMD)Internal Market28.02.2011Follow-up

Consultation concerning a possible EU Space Programme


Consultation on the amendment of Council Regulation (EC) 1185/2003 on the removal of fins of sharks on board vessels

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries21.02.2011Follow-up

Reinforcing sanctioning regimes in the financial sector

Internal Market19.02.2011Follow-up

Future EU co-financing of Natura 2000


Enhancing the implementation of the Internal Market for motor vehicles


Consultation on a future EU financial instrument for the environment (continuation of LIFE+)


Consultation on the promotion and validation of non-formal and informal learning


Consultation on Auctioning third phase EU Allowances prior to 2013 (“early auctions”)


Public consultation on a possible successor to the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme

Competitiveness and Innovation04.02.2011Follow-up

Review of Rescue and Restructuring aid Guidelines

Consultation on the review of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)
Internal Market02.02.2011Follow-up

Consultation on the Green Paper on expanding the use of e-Procurement in the EU

Internal Market31.01.2011Follow-up

Green Paper from the Commission on policy options for progress towards a European Contract Law for consumers and businesses

Justice and Fundamental Rights31.01.2011Follow-up

Green Paper – The future of EU budget support to third countries


Language Industry Market Survey


What funding for EU external action after 2013?


Consultation on legislative steps for the Packaged Retail Investment Products initiative

Internal Market31.01.2011Follow-up

Consultation on the Conclusions of the Fifth Report on Economic and Social Cohesion

Regional Policy31.01.2011Follow-up

Consultations on the appropriateness of setting targets for bio-waste recycling


Consultation on legislative changes to the UCITS depositary function and to the UCITS managers remuneration

Internal Market31.01.2011Follow-up

Consultation on active and healthy ageing – European Innovation Partnership

Public Health28.01.2011Follow-up

Consultation on the Level 2 implementing measures for Directive 2009/138/EC on the taking-up and pursuit of the business of Insurance and Reinsurance (Solvency Ⅱ)

Internal Market26.01.2011Follow-up

Consultation for the Impact Assessment on the “Common Agricultural Policy towards 2020” proposals

Agriculture and Rural Development25.01.2011Follow-up

Consultation on the Implementation Report of the Aarhus Convention submitted by the European Union to the Aarhus Secretariat


Consultation on Disclosure of Non-Financial Information by Companies

Internal Market24.01.2011Follow-up

Green Paper: “EU development policy in support of inclusive growth and sustainable development – Increasing the impact of EU development policy”


European Consultation on the Commission’s comprehensive approach on personal data protection in the European Union

Justice, Freedom and Security15.01.2011Follow-up
Consultation on the future of the European Capitals of CultureCulture12.01.2011Follow-up

Consultation on Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs), new initiatives

Internal Market07.01.2011Follow-up

“Europe for Citizens” Programme 2014–2020

Consultation on the possible revision of Directive 1999/32/EC relating to a reduction of the sulphur content of certain liquid fuels Environment05.01.2011Follow-up
Consultation on the harmonisation of securities law
Internal Market01.01.2011Follow-up
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