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TitlePolicy FieldTarget GroupClosing DateFollow-Up
Consultation on the legal framework for the fundamental right to protection of personal data.Freedom, Security and JusticeStakeholders31.12.2009 More information
EU fisheries policy – have your say!FisheriesStakeholders31.12.2009More information
Questionnaire for stakeholders on possible approaches to a new EU Animal Health Law.Food safetyStake­holders31.12.2009More information
Review of the Financial RegulationBudgetPublic18.12.2009 More information
Consultation on the Green Paper on Promoting the Learning Mobility of Young People.EducationStakeholders15.12.2009 More information
The EU role in Global HealthDevelopment, external relations, research and health fieldsStakeholders09.12.2009 More information
Internet consultation relating to the preparation of a European road safety action programme 2011 – 2020TransportStakeholders20.11.2009More information
Commission launches survey on EGNOS (satellite navigation) advertisiTransport / SpaceEuropean citizens16.11.2009More information
Europeana – next stepsInformation SocietyStakeholders15.11.2009More information
Commission Consultation on review of Seveso II Directive on the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substancesEnvironmentStakeholders10.11.2009 More information
Consultation on the Adoption of International Standards on Auditing.Internal marketStakeholders15.10.2009 More information
Post-i2010: priorities for new strategy for European information society (2010–2015)
Public consultation on a new initiative to follow the i2010 strategy for information society.
Information SocietyPublic, Stake­holders09.10.2009More information
Public Consultation Question­naire con­cern­ing the “Harmo­nised metho­dology for classi­fying and re­port­ing con­sumer com­plaints and enquiries”.ConsumersPublic05.10.2009 More information
Ideas for simplifying the im­ple­men­ta­tion of the EU Framework Programmes.Research and technologyStakeholders30.09.2009More information
Review of the competition rules applicable to vertical agreements.Competition, AntitrustStakeholders28.09.2009More information
Review of the competition law regime for the motor vehicle sector.AntitrustAll interested parties25.09.2009 More information
Modernising ICT Standardisation in the EU – The Way Forward.Enterprise and IndustryStakeholders15.09.2009 More information
Consultation on the UCITS Depositary function.Internal marketStakeholders15.09.2009More information
Public Consultation regarding further possible changes to the Capital Requirements Directive (“CRD”).Internal marketStakeholders04.09.2009 More information
Public consultation: “Transforming the digital dividend opportunity into social benefits and economic growth in Europe”.Information SocietyStakeholders04.09.2009 More information
Enhancing the resilience of OTC derivatives marketInternal marketStakeholders31.08.2009 More information
Consultation on Responsible Lending and Borrowing in the EU.Internal marketStakeholders31.08.2009More information
Consultation on the Report of the Expert Group on Credit Histories (EGCH).Internal marketStakeholders31.08.2009 More information
Adaptation to technical and scientific progress of the Annex to the RoHS DirectivEnvironmentStake­holders07.08.2009More information
Evaluation and revision of the Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (COM (2006) 545).EnergyStake­holders03.08.2009More information
Consultation on possible end-date(s) for SEPA migratioInternal marketStake­holders03.08.2009 More information
Fourth adaptation of Annex II to the ELV directive to technical and scientific progressEnvironmentStake­holders03.08.2009 More information
“Driver training and traffic safety education” public consultation.TransportStake­holders31.07.2009More information
Consultation in view of a possible designation of 2012 as European Year for Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity.Employment and social affairsStakeholders31.07.2009 More information
Consultation on the review of the Directive on Deposit Guarantee Schemes.Internal marketStake­holders27.07.2009More information
Public Consultation on a possible approach towards the revision of the Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC.Internal marketPublic19.07.2009 More information
Consultation on Commission Communi­cation of 27 May 2009 on European Financial Supervision.Internal marketStake­holders15.07.2009More information
Aftermath of the expiry of Regulation (EC) № 1407/2002 on State aid to the coal industry.EnergyStake­holders15.07.2009 More information
Contribution for a future Commission regu­lation on format and content of appli­ca­ti­ons and requests sub­mitted for an opinion on a maxi­mum residue limit for a pharma­colo­gical­ly active substance.Internal market Stake­holders06.07.2009 More information
Follow up to the Green Paper on consumer collective redress.Consumer affairsAll citizens03.07.2009 More information
Rome II Study on com­pen­sat­ion of cross-border victims in the EU – Com­pen­sa­tion of victims of cross-border road traffic acci­dents in the EU: comparison of national practices, analysis of problems and evalu­ation of opti­ons for improv­ing the posi­tion of cross-border victims.Internal marketStake­holders30.06.2009 More information
European pub­lish­ing SMEs in the digi­tal era: techno­logical and busi­ness innovation.Information societyEuropean pub­lish­ing SMEs26.06.2009 More information
Public consultation on Design as a driver of user-centred innovation.EnterpriseStake­holders26.06.2009More information
Commission’s Broad­band Guide­lines on the appli­cation of EU state aid rules to public funding of broad­band networks.State aid, tele­commu­nica­tionsStakeholders22.06.2009 More information
Information and Communication Techno­logies for a Low Carbon Society.Information societyStake­holders14.06.2009 More information
Public consult­ation on the Harmo­nisa­tion of Securi­ties Law.Internal marketStake­holders11.06.2009More information
Call for evi­dence on Market Abuse Directive (Directive 2003/6/EC).Internal marketStake­holders10.06.2009More information
Public consul­tation on the options for new initi­ative regarding dis­mant­ling of ships.EnvironmentStake­holders06.06.2009 More information
Questionnaire to Member States and stake­holders in the frame­work of the Retail Market Moni­toring exercise.Internal marketStake­holders05.06.2009 More information
EMODNET – build­ing a Euro­pean marine know­ledge infra­structure.Maritime policyStake­holders02.06.2009More information
Call for evidence on Market Abuse Directive (Directive 2003/6/EC).Internal marketStake­holders30.05.2009 More information
Consultation on EU plans for a Euro­pean heritage labeCulturePublic15.05.2009More information
Consultation on a possi­ble Sta­tute for a Euro­pean Foundation.Internal marketStakeholders15.05.2009 More information
Review of the Com­mis­sions 2001 Broad­casting Communication.State aid and media.Stakeholders08.05.2009More information
European Community Fifth Natio­nal Com­muni­cation: Stake­holder Engagement.EnvironmentStakeholders04.05.2009 More information
Consultation on the Baltic salmon manage­ment plan.FisheriesStake­holders01.05.2009 More information
Consultation on the Green Paper –
TEN-T: A Policy Review – Towards a Better Inte­grated Trans­euro­pean Trans­port Net­work at the Service of the Common Trans­port Policy”.
Trans-Euro­pean networksCitizens30.04.2009More information
Consultation on the Review of the Fourth and Seventh Com­pany Law Directives.Internal marketStake­holders30.04.2009 More information
Consultation on the future of finan­cial ser­vices super­vision in the EU.Internal marketStake­holders10.04.2009 More information
Call for evi­dence on Investor-Compen­sa­tion Schemes Directive (Directive 1997/9/EC).Internal marketPublic08.04.2009More information
Financial inclusion: Ensuring access to a basic bank account.Internal marketPublic06.04.2009More information
Public consultation – Green Paper on the Euro­pean Work­force for Health.Public HealthStake­holders31.03.2009 More information
Public consultation – European Research for Sus­tain­able Development.ResearchStake­holders31.03.2009 More information
Your attitude towards the regu­lation of trapp­ing in the EU.EnvironmentPublic16.03.2009 More information
Consultation on the review of the Pro­spectus Directive (Directive 2003/71/EC).Internal marketStake­holders10.03.2009 More information
Fourth adaptation of Annex II to the ELV direc­tive to tech­ni­cal and sci­en­tific progress.EnvironmentStake­holders09.03.2009 More information
Public consultation on a pro­posal for a Frame­work Regu­lation on type-approval of two- and three wheel motor vehic­les and quadricycles.EnterprisePublic / Stake­holders28.02.2009 More information
Consultation on control struc­tures in audit firms and their conse­quences on the audit market.Internal market, AuditingStakeholders28.02.2009 More information
Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion – Turning territorial diversity into strengthRegional policyPublic / Stake­holders28.02.2009 More information
Consultation on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the area of financial services.Internal marketPublic / Stake­holders27.02.2009 More information
Public consultation on Hedge Funds.Internal marketPublic31.01.2009More information
Draft Communication on the appli­cation of State aid rules to pub­lic ser­vice broadcasting.Competition (State aid)Member States and other interested parties15.01.2009 More information
Towards a Strength­ened Net­work and Infor­mation Security Policy in Europe.Information SocietyCitizens / Organi­sations09.01.2009More information
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