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TitlePolicy FieldTarget GroupClosing DateFollow-Up
Legal Problems in e-Business
Has your enterprise met legal problems when doing e-commerce or using other e-business applications?
Internet Consultation on Draft Chemicals Legislation (the REACH System)
Directorate Generals Enterprise and Environment are preparing draft legislation to implement the “White Paper – Strategy for a Future Chemicals Policy”. Comments are invited on the workability of the proposed system, including the technical requirements.
Public10.07.2003View, Environment, Enterprise
Towards a European Action Plan for organic food and farming
In order to develop an ‘Action Plan for organic food and farming’, the Commission invites stakeholder organisations and citizens to give their opinion on the proposals made in a Commission working document as well as to submit further ideas.
Free or fixed pack sizes?
Do you feel there is a need to fix the quantity of every pack, bottle or container on sale in supermarkets, chemists and do-it-yourself shops?
EnterpriseConsumers, retailers, producers31.01.2003View, Interactive discussion forum
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