2002 - Closed Consultations - Your Voice in Europe - European Commission


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TitlePolicy FieldTarget GroupClosing DateFollow-Up
Protection of animals during transport
To assist the development of the future European rules on animal protection during transport, it is important to know your views.
Food safetyPublic15.12.2002View
Enlargement of the EU
What do you think about it?
EnlargementPublic15.11.2002 View
Have you registered a domain name in good faith only to receive a threatening letter claiming that you are a “cybersquatter”?
Internal MarketPublic31.10.2002View
Data Protection
Do you think your employer should be allowed to read your e-mails?
Internal MarketPublic15.09.2002View
Data ControllersView
Towards a reinforced culture of consultation and dialogue
Proposal for general principles and minimum standards for consultation of interested parties by the Commission
General and institutional affairsPublic31.07.2002View
Pan-European government e-services
Identification of the needs and opportunities of EU enterprises and citizens in terms of pan-European Government e-services to assess policy options
EnterpriseEnterprises trading across EU-borders and citizens with cross-border interests17.07.2002View
EU Consumer Protecti
Follow-up communication to the Green Paper on EU Consumer Protection
Trust barriers for B2B e-market­places
Follow-up of the e-Economy Communication and the need to promote fair trade in B2B
EnterpriseAssociations / chambers of commerce / companies30.04.2002View
Trust operators / e-business platforms View
e-market operators View
Review of the New Approach
Communication to review the New Approach after 15 years
EnterpriseStakeholders, enterprises especially31.03.2002View
Examining the responses to the White Paper on European Governance
General and institutional affairsPublic31.01.2002View
Organisations involved in creating better governance for the EU
Examining the responses to the White Paper on European Governance
General EU affairsPublic31.01.2002View
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