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About - Your Voice in Europe - European Commission

Why has this site been set up?

Your Voice in Europe has been set up in the con­text of the Inter­active Policy Making initiative. As part of the Commission’s Mini­mum Standards on Con­sul­ta­tionpdf, it aims at im­prov­ing Euro­pean gover­nancepdf and intro­ducing Better Regulationpdf.

Why is some information not in my language?

This website is avail­able in all the of­fi­cial lan­guages of the Euro­pean Union. How­ever, when you click on spe­ci­fic items you may be di­rec­ted to other web­sites of the Eu­ro­pe­an Com­mis­sion which – for va­ri­ous rea­sons – are only a­vail­a­ble in a li­mit­ed num­ber of lan­gu­ag­es. In par­ti­cu­lar, con­sul­ta­tion doc­u­ments tar­get­ed to spe­cializ­ed au­di­en­ces are not nec­es­sa­ri­ly pub­lish­ed in all lan­gu­ag­es. Res­pon­ses are, how­ever, ac­cep­ta­ble in all EU lan­gu­a­ges, un­less ex­pli­cit­ly stated oth­er­wise on the con­sul­ta­tion do­cu­ments them­selves.

Legal notice

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