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Summary of Treaty

Official Title International convention on the simplification and harmonisation of customs procedures (Kyoto Convention)
Type of Agreement Multilateral
Place of Signature Kyoto
Date of Signature 18/05/1973
Date of Entry Into Force 25/09/1974
Duration Indefinite
Objective of Agreement To establish an international instrument proposing provisions to ultimately achieve a high degree of simplification and harmonisation of the parties’ customs procedures with a view to effectively contributing to the development of international trade and of other international exchanges. To undertake to conform to the standards and recommended practices in the Annexes.
Remarks The Annexes are an integral part of the Convention. 26 Annexes in force, but only 18 concern the EC. See OJ L 100 21/04/75; OJ L 166 04/07/77; OJ L 160 17/06/78; OJ L 100 17/04/80; OJ L 87 27/03/85; OJ L 88 03/04/86; OJ L 362 22/12/87; OJ L 161 28/06/88; OJ L 76 18/03/94 p.28; OJ L 331 21/12/94. At its 26 June 1999 session, the Customs Cooperation Council adopted a protocol amending the Convention (“revised Kyoto Convention”). On 17/03/2003, the Council adopted Decision 2003/231/EC (OJ L 86, 03/04/2003, p.21) concerning the accession of the EC to the Protocol of Amendment to the Convention and, on 30/04/2003, the Community signed the Protocol of Amendment without reservation of ratification. The revised Kyoto Convention will enter into force three months after 40 of the contracting parties to the 1974 Kyoto Convention have signed the Protocol of Amendment without reservation of ratification or have deposited their instruments of ratification or accession. Amendments: OJ L 166, 04/07/1977, p.1; OJ L 160, 17/06/1978, p.13; OJ L 100, 17/04/1980, p.27; OJ L 87, 27/03/1985, p.8; OJ L 88, 03/04/1986; OJ L 362, 22/12/1987; OJ L 161, 28/06/1988; OJ L 76, 18/03/1994, p.28; OJ L 331, 21/12/1994; OJ L 27, 30/01/1997, p.50 (corrigendum).
OJ Reference L100, 21/04/1975, p. 2
Depositary World Customs Organisation
Contracting Parties European Economic Community, Algeria, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Botswana, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, China, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Côte d'Ivoire, Denmark, Finland, France, Gambia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Japan, Kenya, Latvia, Lesotho, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malawi, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States of America, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Authentic Texts English, French
Subject Matters Customs
customs harmonisation
international convention
simplification of formalities
Management Permanent Technical Committee
Date of Signature 26/06/1974
Conclusion Date 26/06/1974
Conclusion Decision 75/199/EEC: Council Decision of 18 March 1975 concluding an international convention on the simplification and harmonization of customs procedures and accepting the Annex thereto concerning customs warehouses; OJ L100 of 21/04/1975, p.1
Date of Entry Into Force 26/09/1974
Competence Mixed
Legal Basis Treaty EEC

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