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Summary of Treaty

Official Title Agreement between the European Community and the Republic of South Africa on trade in wine - Protocol - Final Act - Declarations
Type of Agreement Bilateral
Place of Signature Paarl SA
Date of Signature 28/01/2002
Date of Entry Into Force 28/01/2002
Duration Indefinite
Objective of Agreement The Contracting Parties shall, on the basis of non-discrimination and reciprocity, facilitate and promote trade in wine produced in South Africa and the Community, on the conditions provided for in this Agreement.
Remarks This Agreement applies to wines falling under heading 2204 of the International Convention on the Harmonised Commodity, Description and Coding System (Harmonised System), done at Brussels on 14 June 1983, which are produced in such a manner that they conform to the applicable legislation regulating the production of a particular type of wine in the territory of a Contracting Party. The agreement provides also that the Contracting Parties shall ensure the reciprocal protection of the names referred to in Article 8 which are used for the identification of wines originating in the territories of the Contracting Parties. For this purpose, each Contracting Party shall provide the appropriate legal means to ensure effective protection.
OJ Reference L28, 30/01/2002, p. 4
Depositary South Africa
Contracting Parties European Community, South Africa
Authentic Texts Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
Subject Matters ACP countries
Territorial application Article 21 Convention
Management Joint Committee
Conclusion Decision Council Decision of 21 January 2002 on the conclusion of an Agreement between the European Community and the Republic of South Africa on trade in wine; OJ L28 of 30/01/2002, p.3
Competence Exclusive
Legal Basis Treaty EC: Article 133

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