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Summary of Treaty

Official Title Euro-Mediterranean Agreement establishing an association between the European Communities and their Member States, of the one part, and the State of Israel, of the other part
Type of Agreement Bilateral
Place of Signature Brussels
Date of Signature 20/11/1995
Date of Entry Into Force 01/06/2000
Duration Indefinite
Objective of Agreement - To provide an appropriate framework for political dialogue, allowing the development of close political relations between the Parties; - through the expansion, inter alia, of trade in goods and services, the reciprocal liberalisation of the right of establishment, the further progressive liberalisation of public procurement, the free movement of capital and the intensification of cooperation in science and technology to promote the harmonious development of economic relations between the Community and Israel and thus to foster in the Community and in Israel the advance of economic activity, the improvement of living and employment conditions, and increased productivity and financial stability; - to encourage regional cooperation with a view to the consolidation of peaceful coexistence and economic and political stability; - to promote cooperation in other areas which are of reciprocal interest.
Remarks This Agreement forms part of the Barcelona Process (Euro-Mediterranean partnership). Although all the Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreements reflect the general principles governing the new Euro-Mediterranean relationship, each contain characteristics specific to the relations between the parties. Like all the agreements of this type, it contains: a human rights clause, recognised as an essential element of the Agreement; provisions on political dialogue; provisions relating to the free movement of goods, services and capital; cooperation on economic, social, cultural and financial questions. This comprehensive cooperation Agreement now covers all EC-Israel relations. Title I: political dialogue at ministerial and senior official level and through all diplomatic channels and other means. Title II: free movement of goods to reinforce the free trade area. Title III: right of establishment and supply of services. Title IV: capital movements, payments, public procurement, competition and intellectual property. Title V: scientific and technological cooperation. Separate agreements will be drawn up for its implementation. Title VI: economic cooperation. This covers regional and industrial cooperation, agriculture, financial services, customs, environment, energy, telecommunications and information technology, transport, tourism, approximation of laws, drugs and money laundering and immigration. Title VII: cooperation on audiovisual and cultural matters, information and communication. Title VIII: social matters including social security for Israeli workers. Title IX: institutional, general and final provisions. There are eight annexes, four declarations by the Community, one declaration by Israel and 15 joint declarations.
OJ Reference L147, 21/06/2000, p. 3
Depositary Council of the European Union
Contracting Parties European Coal and Steel Community, European Community, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
Authentic Texts Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew , Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
Subject Matters External Relations
Middle East
Human rights Article 2 Agreement
Human rights - Suspension Article 79 Agreement
Readmission Article 57 Agreement
Settlement of disputes Article 33 Agreement
Management Association council
Association committee
Ratification Status NOT
Conclusion Decision Decision of the Council and the Commission of 19 April 2000 on the conclusion of a Euro-Mediterranean Agreement establishing an association between the European Communities and their Member States, of the one part and the State of Israel, of the other part; OJ L147 of 21/06/2000, p.1
Competence Mixed
Legal Basis Treaty EC: Article 310
Treaty ECSC: Article 95
General Comments Framework Agreement ; Comprehensive Agreement ; Association Agreement ; Euromed

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