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Summary of Treaty

Official Title Agreement for scientific and technological cooperation between the European Community and the Arab Republic of Egypt
Type of Agreement Bilateral
Place of Signature Cairo
Date of Signature 21/06/2005
Date of Entry Into Force 27/02/2008
Duration Indefinite
Objective of Agreement To encourage, develop and facilitate cooperative activities between the Community and Egypt in fields of common interest where they are pursuing research and development activities in science and technology.
Remarks The agreement establishes a formal framework for cooperation in scientific and technological research which would make it possible to extend and intensify cooperative efforts in the fields of common interest and to encourage the use of the results of this cooperation considering their mutual economic and social interests. Pending the completion by the Parties of their internal procedures for its conclusion, the Parties shall provisionally apply this Agreement upon its signature. In the framework of this agreement Egypt has participated in the EU’s Sixth Framework Programme, and is looking to continue this trend in the Seventh Framework Programme. The first meeting of the Joint Science and Technology Committee was held in Brussels in June 2006. The Commission received visits from the Ministers of Communications and of Science and Higher Education at the time of the Joint Committee meeting, underscoring the importance Egypt attaches to developing its links with the EU in this area. This agreement confirms that the European Research Area is open to non-member countries, and in particular to the Mediterranean partner countries.
OJ Reference L182, 13/07/2005, p. 12
Depositary Council of the European Union
Contracting Parties European Community, Egypt
Authentic Texts Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
Subject Matters Research and Innovation
research and development
scientific cooperation
technical cooperation
Entry into force conditions Article 7 Agreement
Territorial application Article 7 Agreement
Management EC-Egypt Joint Scientific and Technological Cooperation
Ratification Status NOT
Conclusion Decision Council Decision of 31 January 2005 on the signing of an Agreement for scientific and technological cooperation between the European Community and the Arab Republic of Egypt; OJ L 182 of 13/07/2005, p.11
Competence Exclusive
Legal Basis Treaty EC: Article 170

Last Update :   04/08/2008