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2012 Call for proposals from UK universities, think tanks and other non-profit organisations
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The European Commission Representation in the UK is offering project co-funding for initiatives by higher education establishments, think tanks, NGOs, business organisations, trade unions and other relevant non-profit organisations active in the UK to promote debate on key communication themes. Before applying for this call, please ensure you are eligible and can fully meet our specifications. Then use the submission set below.

A. This gives you the basics about the call: how much money is available, what for and what you have to do to get it. Please read it carefully. (click here) pdf - 133 KB [133 KB]


B. These are the terms of reference, which give more detail about the projects we're looking to co-fund and the procedure we use to select them. (click here) pdf - 152 KB [152 KB]


C. This is your application form. Please fill it in clearly and concisely, avoiding repetition, jargon or verbiage. (click here) msw8 - 100 KB [100 KB]


There are four annexes to the application form.

C1. This is your budget form. The single biggest mistake applicants made last year was to forget to fill in both expenditure and revenue sheets. Click at the bottom of the page to switch. (click here) excel8book - 85 KB [85 KB]


C2. The Commission always asks for a declaration of honour that you're not bankrupt, criminal or otherwise undeserving of taxpayers' money. (click here) msw8 - 71 KB [71 KB]


C3. And we need to be sure your organization has the financial wherewithal to see the project through. (click here) msw8 - 42 KB [42 KB]


C4. The acknowledgement of receipt proves to you and us that your application got to us (and on time). (click here) msw8 - 34 KB [34 KB]


D. In order to give grants, we need to be sure of your legal status. And we must be able to link any money we pay you to a single bank account. There are two forms to fill in. Officially, you do not have to complete either until a grant offer has been made. But if you do it now, it saves time later. Note that if you have already received a grant from the Commission, you will already have sent us these forms and, unless your legal status or bank details have changed, you don't need to do so again. Call us if you're unsure. 

D1a. Fill this form in if you are a private body… (click here) excel8book - 35 KB [35 KB]


D1b. ...and this one if you are a public organization. (click here) excel8book - 35 KB [35 KB]


D2. Everyone, public or private, has to fill in the bank form. (click here) excel8book - 35 KB [35 KB]


D3. This note tells you how to fill in both the legal entity and bank i.d. forms (click here) pdf - 100 KB [100 KB]


D4. This one, likewise for information, sets out how we deal with sensitive data of this type (click here) pdf - 16 KB [16 KB]


E. Please complete the checklist. (click here) msw8 - 40 KB [40 KB]


F. Here is a copy of the grant agreement successful applicants will be asked to sign with the Commission. It's only included for information purposes at this stage and the final version may change. Do NOT sign or return this agreement when you apply. (click here) pdf - 231 KB [231 KB]


G. And successful applicants also have to fill in a final financial statement. Again, do NOT complete at this stage. We've included it just so you know how the whole procedure works and what will be expected of you if we do co-fund you. (click here) pdf - 17 KB [17 KB]

The deadline for sending your application forms and all the required preliminary documentation (the submission set) is June 8th 2012.

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If you are interested in working not for the European Commission but in another country of the European Union then please either visit the Europe Direct web site or call freephone number: 00800 6 7 8 9 10 11


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