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The press releases listed below have been produced by the Representation specifically for British national and regional media.

To view press releases produced by the Press Service in Brussels, access the European Commission's Press Room. A searchable database will allow you to choose press releases according to subject or date. The Midday Express service offers a brief summary of the day's news.

25.03.2014  Faulty electricals spark most alerts for UK authorities: 10th EC report on dangerous goods

25.03.2014  Broadband users in UK only get 45% of advertised speed, EU study

17.02.2014  Roaming: 37% of Brits switch off their mobiles abroad, study shows

30.01.2014  Horizon 2020: GBP 2 billion up for grabs for UK researchers in two years

11.12.2013  Horizon 2020 launched with GBP 12.6 billion over first two years

03.12.2013  UK scores mixed in EU school report: improvement in reading, poor in maths and no change in science

25.11.2013  Tackling Tax Avoidance: Commission tightens key EU corporate tax rules

19.11.2013  Green light for Erasmus+: More than 4 million to get EU grants for skills and employability

23.10.2013  Standard VAT Return: Easing life for businesses and improving tax compliance

15.10.2013  Fenland Celery gets EU protection

23.09.2013  European Day of Languages: celebrating UK students' achievements in two international language awards

13.09.2013  Innovation: Is the UK getting enough out of it?

12.09.2013  Commission telecoms proposals: no to roaming premiums; yes to net neutrality

20.08.2013  VAMPIRE research led by Birmingham University awarded 50th European Industrial Doctorate grant of €1.5m

06.08.2013  774% difference in phone call prices across the EU, UK prices slightly above EU average

05.08.2013  Fake goods worth 1 billion euro (GBP 867m) seized at EU borders in 2012

24.07.2013  EC proposals on credit and debit cards will be good news for consumers and retailers

19.07.2013  UK universities top league for attracting star young researchers

16.07.2013  Bee Health: EU takes additional measures on pesticides to better protect Europe’s bees

10.07.2013  EU and industry to invest GBP 19 billion in research and innovation

08.07.2013  Commission eases customs formalities for ships

01.07.2013  New lower price caps for mobile roaming

25.06.2013  The UK prime destination for international students, second only to US

18.06.2013  EU high level group: train the professors to teach

17.06.2013  Strawberry Hill wins major EU cultural heritage award

11.06.2013  Tackling cross-border tax evasion: in build-up to G8, European Commission sets out plans for world's best system of information exchange

10.06.2013  European Commission and Gates Foundation join forces against malaria

29.05.2013  Moving Europe beyond the crisis: recommendations for UK included in country-specific recommendations 2013

17.05.2013  GBP 16 million EU funding for faster broadband in Cumbria

16.05.2013  Stronger EU cooperation leads to higher consumer safety

08.05.2013  Commission proposes new practical rights for all EU citizens

24.04.2013  UK researchers develop new malaria test tool

10.04.2013  Commission analyses economic imbalances in UK and 12 other Member States

09.04.2013  Environment: Helping companies and consumers navigate the maze of green information

26.03.2013  UK falls to 8th in EU-27 innovation ranking as Europe closes gap with US….but China catches up with both

11.02.2013  Manchester to get £23 million of EU funding for research into new "wonder material"

05.02.2013  Cardiff University research strikes gold with EU money

28.01.2013  UK scientists secure GBP 46 million for graphene research

24.01.2013  Driving green across Europe

09.01.2013  Interest in being self-employed drops in the UK

08.01.2013  Employment and Social Developments: Women paid less, youth lack the right skills

19.12.2012  Removing attractiveness of tobacco products central to Commission tobacco packaging reforms

13.12.2012  Shattering myths and glass ceilings: European Business Schools launch database of 'Board Ready Women'

11.12.2012  More than half of UK businesses provide portable devices to employees

06.12.2012  E-commerce : when purchasing games, books, videos or music on-line, look out for unfair terms, warns the EU

05.12.2012  Guarantee jobless youngsters work or training, EC tells Member States

03.12.2012  GMES: good for environment, good for jobs!

29.11.2012  EU space solutions: What space science brings to your life

29.11.2012  Using the single market to make parcel delivery cheaper

16.11.2012  Health data for the UK: more GPs, but more antibiotics and more obese people too

14.11.2012  Women on Boards: Commission proposes 40% objective

06.11.2012  EU accounts accurate, errors in applying rules affecting 3.9% of EU spending, says Court of Auditors

05.11.2012  British researcher wins new European Prize

23.10.2012  Statement from the European Commission regarding an article in the Mail On Sunday on 21 October

12.09.2012  A new Eurozone banking supervision system to help protect taxpayers across Europe

05.09.2012  UK biggest recipient of extra EU-funding for bringing innovative research to market

30.07.2012  Boosting Europe's security industry

25.07.2012  Libor scandel: Commission proposes EU-wide action to fight rate-fixing

24.07.2012  EU customs detain 115 Million fake products in 2011

17.07.2012  Triple good news from Brussels for Europe's researchers and innovators

13.07.2012  Tougher EU vehicle tests will help save lives

11.07.2012  Copyright: Commission proposes easier music licensing

09.07.2012  European Commission announces EU's biggest ever investment in research and innovation, worth £6.5 billion

04.07.2012  Your air passenger rights: free app launched

03.07.2012  New EC proposals to help protect consumers from mis-selling of personal finance and insurance products

27.06.2012  More European cooperation to fight tax evasion and stamp out loopholes

21.06.2012  EC study highlights weak foreign language skills in UK – but aspiration to get better

08.06.2012  EC sets out steps to move the single market up a gear

08.06.2012  Solidarity in hard times - Increased numbers of UK public show support for EU Humanitarian Aid

06.06.2012  New European Commission blueprint to avoid taxpayers having to bail out failed banks

30.05.2012  European Commission sets out the next steps for stability, growth and jobs

16.05.2012  Improved food labelling: EU register provides consumers with scientifically backed health claims

10.05.2012  More savings for mobile roaming services including cheaper data downloads

08.05.2012  UK among the four most popular destinations for ERASMUS studies

23.04.2012  Two UK research projects receive EU award

19.04.2012  UK 65 year olds will get more years of good health than most EU counterparts, says Year of Active Ageing survey

18.04.2012  EC aims to boost employment Europe wide and sets out specific steps for Greece

29.03.2012  UK road deaths lowest in the EU but still up slightly in 2011

28.03.2012  An EU Cybercrime Centre to fight serious online crime

28.03.2012  The European Commission and professional football sound the alarm on the Sahel crisis with the Match Day against Hunger (30 March – 2 April)

21.03.2012  Commission approves UK plans for Royal Mail Group pension relief and restructuring aid

21.03.2012  Giving UK and other EU firms a fair chance at state contracts worldwide – new Commission proposals

20.03.2012  Cultural heritage conservation awards for London projects

19.03.2012  Commission Green Paper seeks to shed light on shadow banking

16.03.2012  London student wins prestigious European prize

15.03.2012  EU institutions seek increase in UK recruits as selection process opens

13.02.2012  London researchers spearhead new EU diabetes drive

10.02.2012  112 emergency number saves lives – EU teams up with top airlines for campaign

02.02.2012  Surrey hi-tech company to play leading role in next phase of EU's Galileo satellite navigation project

19.01.2012  European Commission seeks quality upgrade of animal welfare

10.01.2012  Digital Agenda: London Universities help discover new "virtual liver" technology

10.01.2012  Consumer credit websites: EU-wide investigation finds a market underperforming for consumers

19.12.2011  Commission proposes update of rules on cross-border recognition of professional qualifications, including for medical practitioners

05.12.2011  Scottish biologist Professor Anne Glover named as EU's top science advisor, as science hits top of EU agenda to restore growth

29.11.2011  Commission proposes faster, easier and cheaper solutions to disputes with traders

23.11.2011  Erasmus for All: Commission proposes more funding for students to study abroad

17.11.2011  Action Plan against antimicrobial resistance: Commission unveils 12 concrete actions for the next five years

14.11.2011  EU cigarette safety standards will reduce risk of house fires and save lives

07.11.2011  EU funded project reveals lost cities of Libya

20.10.2011  EU funds UK research star to boost mobile phone security

18.10.2011  R&D Scoreboard: top UK and EU firms increase investment in innovation

30.09.2011  Eurobarometer: Vocational education and training boosts job prospects but needs an image makeover with young

28.09.2011  Financial Transaction Tax: Making the financial sector pay its fair share

02.09.2011  Entrants sought for 2011 EU translator contest

20.07.2011  Commission wants stronger and more responsible banks in Europe

19.07.2011  £6 billion boost for European research and innovation will create jobs and growth

14.07.2011  Fight against fakes: Increased customs actions boost protection of intellectual property rights

12.07.2011  UK broadband consumers most dissatisfied with contract delivery

06.07.2011  Better deal for roaming: Commission tackles lack of competition to lower prices for mobile phone users abroad

05.07.2011  Statement by the European Commission on Bombardier/Siemens and the role of EU public procurement rules

05.07.2011  EU road deaths fell by 11% in 2010

30.06.2011  Lower roaming prices as of 1st July

29.06.2011  EU journalist award: "Together against discrimination"

24.06.2011  Media advisory: EU/South Korea Free Trade agreement takes effect on 1 July

22.06.2011  EU professional qualifications directive to be modernised

22.06.2011  Strong impetus for energy savings and energy efficiency

21.06.2011  Federation of Small Businesses supports Europe-wide legal contracts for small firms that trade within the single market

21.06.2011  How should EU governments support the film sector in the future – public consultation launched

10.06.2011  Two British winners of the 2011 EU Cultural Heritage Prize

09.06.2011  Commission report highlights Europe's innovation emergency, UK needs to focus on R&D investment

06.06.2011  Record number of students received EU grants for study and training

01.06.2011  UK leads European peers on eCommerce

24.05.2011  Statement by Vice-President Siim Kallas on Volcanic Ash disruption – Grimsvotn

24.05.2011  Commission sets out "blueprint" on intellectual property rights

23.05.2011  New telecoms rules benefit citizens and businesses across Europe

18.05.2011  Felixstowe port gets EU funding for new rail terminal

18.05.2011  European Commission ensures better protection for crime victims

04.05.2011  Commission proposes better management of migration to the EU

19.04.2011  EU-funded breakthrough in malaria treatment

19.04.2011  EU education report: good progress, but more effort needed to achieve targets

19.04.2011  European Commission underlines commitment to ensure open internet principles applied in practice

18.04.2011  Children in the UK lead their EU peers in social networks use, but many are unaware of basic privacy risks

15.04.2011  European Commission to recover €530 million of CAP expenditure

13.04.2011  European patents costs to be radically reduced

11.04.2011  Commission sets out next steps to strengthen the enforcement of air passenger rights

11.04.2011  European Arrest Warrant fights cross-border crime, but EU Member States can improve how it is used, Commission report says

01.04.2011  EU health prize for journalists launched

31.03.2011  Mortgages: better protection for European consumers

30.03.2011  Commission makes GBP 21 million available to the development of electromobility in Europe

28.03.2011  European Commission is not preparing a ban on cars in city centres

28.03.2011  Transport 2050: Commission outlines ambitious plan to increase mobility and reduce emissions

24.03.2011  European Commission opens public consultation on online gambling in Europe

23.03.2011  European Commission approves £180m of government support to the UK Post Office Ltd

23.03.2011  EU to reinforce citizens' rights to consular protection and assistance in third countries

22.03.2011  British specialities among the first to receive recognition in China

16.03.2011  European corporate tax base: making business easier and cheaper

14.03.2011  16 March: the starting point for a career with the EU

04.03.2011  British inventors nominated for European awards

02.03.2011  New European satellite navigation service increases aviation safety

23.02.2011  Small Business Act review will strengthen small businesses and drive growth

16.02.2011  EU funded research provides new evidence of 'asthma gene' in children

14.02.2011  Mobile phone users still worry about costs when travelling abroad

11.02.2011  UK lags in emergency number 112 awareness

09.02.2011  EU research and innovation funding: how to change

03.02.2011  Cancer: new EU guidelines on colorectal cancer screening and diagnosis

03.02.2011  Reforming Europe's fisheries policy: Commissioner Damanaki welcomes contribution by WWF/Industry Alliance

02.02.2011  Tesco wins major European road safety award

01.02.2011  New Innovation Union Scoreboard: main competitors outpace the EU

27.01.2011  Commission seeks end to pay discrimination of non-UK seafarers

27.01.2011  European Commission opens debate on the reform of European public procurement rules

19.01.2011  Statement by Vice President Kallas on snow disruption across Europe

18.01.2011  Helping consumers settle disputes without going to court

14.01.2011  Tim Hunt of Cancer Research UK appointed to European research body

13.01.2011  UK leads Europe in parental control use

07.01.2011  Commission seeks views on professional recognition system

29.12.2010  New EU standards for a common mobile phone charger welcomed

21.12.2010  EU Transport Commissioner to meet airports' representatives on recent travel disruptions

21.12.2010  Commission clears News Corp's proposed acquisition of BSkyB under EU merger rules

20.12.2010  Removing cross-border tax obstacles for EU citizens

20.12.2010  Reducing emissions from shipping: Commission's Joint Research Centre sets out some options

14.12.2010  Reducing red tape for EU citizens

10.12.2010  Commission to overhaul product quality labels

09.12.2010  Commission proposes new measures to improve future stability in the dairy sector

09.12.2010  Hungarian dog rehabilitation centre stripped of EU funding

09.12.2010  National winners of the European Year journalist award announced

09.12.2010  Pet research may help with a rare human respiratory illness

08.12.2010  Commission launches consultation on review of EU mobile phone roaming rules

08.12.2010  Strengthening sanctions for violation of EU financial rules

08.12.2010  Improving EU rules for financial services - MiFID

07.12.2010  Over half of EU adult population is overweight

02.12.2010  Road safety: EU crackdown on drivers committing traffic offences abroad

23.11.2010  EU launches new website - answering questions on what the EU does for you

22.11.2010  British teenagers get set for EU translation contest

18.11.2010  Commission outlines blueprint for forward-looking Common Agricultural Policy after 2013

17.11.2010  Missing children hotline 116 000 still not fully operational across the EU

11.11.2010  Commissioner Vassiliou visits Premier League education and social projects in London

10.11.2010  Statement on EU funding for projects - take a fresh look

10.11.2010  Commission sets out options on future cohesion policy


09.11.2010  European Commission adopts 2010 enlargement package

09.11.2010  EU sets assertive trade policy agenda for next five years

09.11.2010  Clean bill of health for EU accounts; auditors find fewer errors in payments

05.11.2010  European Commission requests repayment of more than €3m of agriculture funds from the UK

04.11.2010  EU-funded research sheds new light on high blood pressure

04.11.2010  European Digital Agenda Commissioner visits UK emergency response centre during major simulation exercise

22.10.2010  Investments, real estate and second hand cars are markets most likely to fail British consumers

15.10.2010  European Commission plays a big part in the 2010 Language show

06.10.2010  The "Innovation Union" – turning ideas into jobs, green growth and social progress

30.09.2010  The European Commission requests UK to ensure reimbursement of taxes paid in violation of EU law

30.09.2010  The European Commission refers UK to Court over privacy and personal data protection

20.09.2010  Digital Agenda: Fast and ultra-fast broadband closer to you

16.09.2010  Safer online shopping for electronic goods following EU-wide investigation

15.09.2010  European Mobility Week en vogue in London

15.09.2010  EU funding increased to boost beekeeping sector

15.09.2010  European Commission helps Europe's young job seekers

14.09.2010  Digital Agenda: EU grid project unlocks processing power of 200,000 desktop computers for European researchers

08.09.2010  Time for schools to enter EU young translator contest

23.08.2010  Cornish Pasties - ingredients for a euromyth

18.08.2010  Thirty million euro in additional EC aid for Pakistan flood victims

12.08.2010  EU funded WOUNDMONITOR speeds-up healing for burn victims

04.08.2010  Self-employed workers to gain maternity and pension benefits under new EU law

28.07.2010  Gloucestershire Old Spots Pork gets traditional speciality status

23.07.2010  ENVIRONMENT: European Commission to provide £13.76 million (€16.4 million) for 6 LIFE+ projects in UK

20.07.2010  Road Safety: How to halve road deaths by 2020

19.07.2010  British faith leaders join talks in Brussels on the fight against poverty and social exclusion

19.07.2010  Five billion pounds for research and innovation in Europe

16.07.2010  Commission to recover EUR 265.02 million of CAP expenditure from the Member States

15.07.2010  European Commission and British American Tobacco sign agreement to combat illicit trade in tobacco

14.07.2010  New Head of European Commission Representation in the UK

13.07.2010  New flexible approach to GMO cultivation in the EU

12.07.2010  Commission proposes package to boost consumer protection and confidence in financial services

09.07.2010  2009 Car prices report: slight fall across the EU, but rise in the UK

07.07.2010  Public debate on the future of pensions launched

01.07.2010  UK to have share of € 30 million EU support for the promotion of agricultural products

01.07.2010  European Commission proposes to cut EU patent costs

30.06.2010  Tourism: keeping Europe the world's top destination

30.06.2010  New EU organic logo comes into force on 1 July

30.06.2010  A toolbox for stronger economic governance in Europe

29.06.2010  Roaming prices down but competition still not strong enough, says Commission report

28.06.2010  No more bill shocks for using mobile internet abroad

24.06.2010  Siim Kallas welcomes the signature of the Second Stage EU–US "Open Skies" agreement

21.06.2010  Erasmus: record numbers of EU students receive funding to study or train abroad

16.06.2010  Commission examines the use of security scanners at EU airports

15.06.2010  European career options open up for British linguists

14.06.2010  Asking questions – seeking answers: Commission launches public consultations on derivatives and short selling

14.06.2010  EU action plan for seabirds: Commission calls for input to enrich debate

10.06.2010  EC sets up system for sustainability in biofuel production

09.06.2010  Overall increase in quality of UK Bathing Waters – EU annual report

03.06.2010  UK firm amongst Europe's best green businesses

03.06.2010  Air quality: Commission sends final warning to UK over levels of fine particle pollution

02.06.2010  Climate change: Commissioner Hedegaard welcomes fall in EU greenhouse gas emissions for fifth year running

02.06.2010  Environment: Calls for taxation regimes to reflect impacts on the environment

02.06.2010  European Commission proposes improved EU supervision of Credit Rating Agencies and launches debate on corporate governance in financial institutions

28.05.2010  European SME Week 2010 – promoting and supporting entrepreneurship

26.05.2010  Commission sets out vision for bank resolution funds

26.05.2010  Climate change: Commission invites to an informed debate on the impacts of the move to 30% EU greenhouse gas emissions cut if and when the conditions are met

25.05.2010  Research and innovation are central to boosting growth and jobs in Europe

21.05.2010  Language Café gets lifelong learning award

19.05.2010  Digital Agenda: what's in it for Europe's citizens

19.05.2010  Digital Agenda: How to harness digital advances in Europe's favour

05.05.2010  Commission closes infringement procedure against United Kingdom over land contract in York

30.04.2010  Commission publishes report on removing tax obstacles to cross-border venture capital investment

30.04.2010  World Press Freedom Day: Commission launches 2010 Lorenzo Natali Prize for development journalism

27.04.2010  EU wide consultation on future potential of cultural and creative industries

22.04.2010  Commission and EIB back satellite prototype brought by a UK company

21.04.2010  Volcanic Ash Crisis: Frequently Asked Questions

21.04.2010  EC adopts ambitious action plan to speed up Millennium Development Goals

21.04.2010  Putting the media spotlight on poverty

16.04.2010  EU budget: 2009 surplus goes back to member states

15.04.2010  EC report shows efficiency of EU's cooperation on dangerous goods

15.04.2010  EU throws research weight behind Alzheimer's advances

12.04.2010  Launch of public debate on the future of European agriculture policy

08.04.2010  EU rules do not forbid language testing of doctors coming to the UK from other EU countries

31.03.2010  EU laws: interested to suggest one?

31.03.2010  EU Cohesion Policy funding: UK doing well on project selection

30.03.2010  European Commission approves aid scheme for UK farmers

29.03.2010  Eurobarometer survey reveals disability and illness are stopping many Brits from exercising

29.03.2010  EU health prize for journalists launched

27.03.2010  The European Commission proposes new stricter rules against child sex abuse and human trafficking

25.03.2010  Looking for a job? Fancy moving abroad? What about the EU?

24.03.2010  Opinions sought on reviewing EU rules on working time

24.03.2010  European Commission adopts new antitrust block exemption rules for the insurance sector

19.03.2010  Telecoms: Commission facilitates use of mobile phones on ships in European waters

19.03.2010  Statement on funding for culture and creative industries during the recession

17.03.2010  Commission to recover €346.5 million of CAP expenditure

17.03.2010  Scoreboard shows more innovation needed in Europe

17.03.2010  Trade in bananas: £170m to support banana exporters in 10 African and Caribbean countries

11.03.2010  Better, Faster, Stronger: new selection procedure for EU officials

04.03.2010  European Commission campaigns to reduce gender pay gap

02.03.2010  Antitrust: Commission welcomes Microsoft's roll-out of web browser choice

01.03.2010  Telecoms: mobile phone customers entitled to protection from data-roaming "bill shock" as from 1st March 2010

01.03.2010  New system goes live for whistleblowing corruption and fraud in EU funds

25.02.2010  Winchester College student is Britain's best young translator

18.02.2010  Climate action: European Commission President Barroso writes to EU Heads of State and Government

12.02.2010  One in seven sun beds breach UV radiation safety limits

11.02.2010  112: UK citizens don't know the emergency number that could save their lives in Europe

08.02.2010  EU organic logo turns over new leaf

08.02.2010  Mobile phones and social networks: EU agency gives tips for better privacy

04.02.2010  Commission acts on cyber attacks on emissions trading accounts

04.02.2010  Action needed now to tackle Europe's skills gap

28.01.2010  Europeans' Privacy will be big challenge in next decade, says EU Commissioner

28.01.2010  New EU Telecoms Regulator gets to work

28.01.2010  Copenhagen Accord: European Union notifies EU emission reduction targets

27.01.2010  Commission closes investigation into agreement between Bratislava Airport and Ryanair

07.01.2010  Commission awards major contracts to make Galileo operational in early 2014

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