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Interest in being self-employed drops in the UK
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The level of interest in being self-employed has fallen in the UK in the past three years in favour of being employed, according to figures released by the European Commission today.

Only 33 per cent of those surveyed, down from 46 per cent in 2009, expressed a preference for self-employment, with nearly two thirds (63 per cent) of respondents saying they would prefer to be an employee.  This compares to an EU average of 37 per cent favouring self-employment, down from 45 per cent in 2009, reflecting the current economic situation with its less promising business prospects.

    Interest in being self-employed drops in the UK

    The opinion poll coincides with the publication of an extensive action plan presented by the European Commission to promote entrepreneurship in Europe and help stimulate the creation of companies and new jobs.

    European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani said: "Entrepreneurship is the most powerful driver of economic growth. More entrepreneurs mean more jobs, more innovation and more competition. 

    He added: "We want to create an environment for entrepreneurs to succeed. If we can unleash Europe's entrepreneurial potential, we can bring back growth to Europe".

    The plan stresses the key role education and training in nurturing new generations of entrepreneurs.  Acting on suggestions by companies, the Commission is working with the OECD to produce guidelines for the education sector.

    Only 15 per cent of those surveyed in the UK said they had taken part in any course or activity about entrepreneurship, compared to an EC average of 23 per cent.

    The paper includes specific measures to help budding entrepreneurs among Europe's young people, women, the unemployed as well as senior citizens.

    Initiatives to tackle obstacles to entrepreneurship are also outlined in the paper, including facilitating start-ups and new businesses, making transfers of business ownership more successful, improve access to finance and give honest business people a second chance after bankruptcy.

    The Commission will also continue to vigorously pursue the reduction of regulatory burden.

    Further information

    MEMO/13/7 Eurobarometer Entrepreneurship 2012: Over the past three years the share of EU citizen who want to be their own boss has fallen from 45% to 37%. This drop is caused by less promising business prospects due to the current crisis.

    IP/13/12 Unleashing Europe's entrepreneurial potential to bring back growth

    MEMO/13/5 Entrepreneurship as a main driver for economic growth

    Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan


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