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Cornish Pasties - ingredients for a euromyth
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23/08/2010 00:00:00

Contrary to news reports in the national press, the European Commission does not dictate ingredients or names of ingredients for products seeking EU quality recognition.

Products from the UK looking to get protected status prepare their applications stipulating the criteria, description and recipe of their food products. The EC evaluates the applications once they are revised by Defra. The EC provides the final approval on any particular product.

In the case of Cornish pasties, it was The Cornish Pasty Association who dictated the recipe and ingredients for the genuine Cornish Pasty. The Association has applied for Protected Geographical Indication to request that only Cornish pasties made in Cornwall and to the traditional recipe, ingredients and manner are called Cornish pasties.

Larry File, Chairman of the Cornish Pasty Association, commented: “We have been working to get protected status for the Cornish pasties for eight years now. The members of the Association share an enormous baking experience, which was used when we put the PGI application together. It is important that British people and food producers understand the importance of protecting our food products from inferior imitations. It is in our best interest, for our food heritage and local economies, to safeguard our quality produce. We should encourage more producers to protect their foods and the EC plays an important role in giving the final seal of approval.


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