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ENVIRONMENT: European Commission to provide £13.76 million (€16.4 million) for 6 LIFE+ projects in UK
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23/07/2010 00:00:00

UK nature conservation is to be given a major financial boost of £13.75 million (€16.4 million) as the European Commission has approved funding for 6 UK projects under the third call for the LIFE+ programme (2007-2013), the European fund for the environment. The projects range from across the UK and cover actions in the fields of nature conservation, environmental policy, and information and communication.

Environment Commissioner Janez Poto─Źnik said: "The LIFE+ programme continues to fund high quality, innovative projects with a high level of added value for the EU. I believe that these new projects will not only make a significant contribution to nature conservation and to improving the environment, they will also help raise awareness across Europe of the key environmental challenges facing us, notably biodiversity loss, water scarcity and climate change."

    Four of the projects come under the LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance scheme. In total, they have been awarded €12.4 million.

    SSCM4ECAP (Buckinghamshire County Council)

    The project will develop an innovative ‘bottom-up’ approach to Green Public Procurement. It will demonstrate the use of supply-chain strategies to improve the environmental performance of local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and achieve local authority sustainability targets.

    EDOC (The Environment Agency of England and Wales)

    The Electronic Duty of Care (EDOC) project intends to develop a national, Internet-based interface to record the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste materials. This aims to enable the monitoring and mapping of waste management without creating a mountainous paper trail.

    iGREEN (The Environment Agency of England and Wales)

    The iGreen project will demonstrate how environmental guidance for SMEs can be taken to the next level by developing joined-up service provision through the NetRegs website. It will deliver innovative solutions around intelligence gathering, product creation, and dissemination of environmental information and messages through multimedia and multiple channels. Tools will include a legislation generator for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and environmental e-Learning tools for six different industries.

    Hydro4LIFE (International Hydropower Association)

    The main aim of this project is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the new Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol (HSAP) and consolidate knowledge on hydropower sustainability performance in the EU. The project also aims to raise awareness and build capacity - primarily via an electronic outreach campaign - about the HSAP and hydropower sustainability performance among all relevant stakeholders, including Member State/EU regulators and policymakers.

    LIFE+ Environment Policy & Governance projectsare pilot projects that contribute to the development of innovative policy ideas, technologies, methods and instruments. Of the 308 proposals received, the Commission selected for funding 116 projects from a wide range of public and private sector organisations. The winning projects, situated in 17 Member States, represent a total investment of €278 million of which the EU will provide some €120 million. Projects targeting innovation account for the largest share of EU funding (some €20.9 million for 17 projects). The most targeted area in terms of number of projects is waste and natural resources (20 projects supported by €19.3 million), followed by water and innovation (17 projects each). The remaining 63 projects cover various topics including air, chemicals, climate change, energy, environment and health, forests, noise, soil protection, strategic approaches, and the urban environment.

    One project, Reintroducing Otis Tarda (Reintroducing the great bustard Otis Tarda to southern England) is to receive €2.2 million under the LIFE+ Nature scheme.

    This project aims to increase the population of great bustards on Salisbury Plain by extending the reintroduction programme to support the establishment of a self-sustaining population over the longer term.

    LIFE+ Nature & Biodiversity projects improve the conservation status of endangered species and habitats. Of the 194 proposals received, the Commission selected for funding 84 projects from partnerships of conservation bodies, government authorities and other parties. Situated in 24 Member States, they represent a total investment of €224 million, of which the EU will provide some €124 million. The majority (74) are Nature projects, contributing to the implementation of the Birds and/or Habitats directives and the Natura 2000 network. The other 10 are Biodiversity projects, a LIFE+ project category for pilot schemes that tackle wider biodiversity issues. The Commission is pleased to note the steady increase in the number of Biodiversity projects funded since 2007 (four (4) projects) when the category was introduced.

    The RESTORE project came under the LIFE+ Information and communication scheme and is to receive €1.8 million

    RESTORE (Environment Agency for England & Wales)

    The project will develop a network linking policymakers, river basin planners, practitioners and experts across Europe to share information and good practice on river restoration activities. A database of river restoration projects will be created, providing understanding of policy opportunities and constraints, the effectiveness of restoration methods, design issues and project costs/benefits.

    LIFE+ Information and Communication projectsdisseminate information and raise the profile of environmental issues, and provide training and awareness-raising for the prevention of forest fires. Of the 113 proposals received, the Commission selected for funding 10 projects from a range of public and private sector nature and/or environment organisations, tackling topics such as biodiversity, climate change, waste and water. The projects are situated in seven (7) Member States and represent a total investment of €12.9 million of which the EU will provide some €6.3 million.


    The LIFE+ programme

    LIFE+ is the European financial instrument for the environment and has a total budget of €2.143 billion (two billion one hundred and forty three million euros) for the period 2007-2013. During this period, the Commission will launch one call for LIFE+ project proposals per year.

    The Commission received more than 600 applications from public or private bodies from the 27 EU Member States during the call for proposals, which closed in November 2009. Of these, 210 were selected for co-funding through the programme’s three components: LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity, LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance and LIFE+ Information and Communication.

    More information

    See the annex for a summary of all the new projects funded under LIFE+, broken down by country.

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    It is also possible to contact the relevant national authorities: >>>


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