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planning ahead 30 April to 31 May
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This newsletter summarises the main UK media-friendly events, announcements and visits scheduled by the European Commission for the month ahead.It provides media advisory and background information for journalists. All information is provisional and the European Commission reserves the right to make changes.

For more information and media opportunities, unless stated otherwise below:

EC London Press Office
Tel: + 44 (0) 207 973 1971

(Note: contact details may differ for some events outlined below)

    planning ahead  30 April to 31 May

    Commissioner visits to the UK

    At present, none planned for the period

    Brussels Agenda and sources

    All dates subject to change. For all announcements below, comprehensive press material will be made available on the day on the Commission's press release database Rapid

    Details of times of press conferences, live streaming and on-demand access via Europe by Satellite.

    5 May, Brussels: Spring European Economic Forecast

    The Commission will publish its spring economic forecast. It will cover 2014, 2015 and 2016 and will include indicators such as gross domestic product (GDP), inflation, employment and public finances. There is a forecast for each of the 28 member states, plus EU and euro area aggregates. The forecasts also include an outlook for some of the world's other major economies, and countries that are candidates for EU membership.


    Press material will be made available on the day via Rapid

    Background on previous economic forecasts Index of economic forecasts - European Commission

    6 May, Brussels: Digital single market strategy


    The European Commission will present a Digital Single Market strategy to remove barriers for online services and maximise the benefits of a digital economy in Europe. The strategy will detail the key actions to be taken as well as the roadmap for delivering them. A first discussion on its priorities identified three main areas for action: improving consumer access to digital tools and services (facilitating e-commerce, tackling geo-blocking), shaping the environment for digital networks to flourish (investment in infrastructure for fast broadband) and realising the long-term growth potential of a digital economy..


    Commission Vice-President for Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip and EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Günther Oettinger will present the strategy around 11.00 BST (12.00 CET), available via Europe by Satellite

    May, date TBC: European Agenda on Migration

    The European Commission will be presenting a European Agenda on Migration – a comprehensive policy document that looks at how to better address the evolving challenges at the EU's external borders. Preparation began before the latest tragic developments in the Mediterranean and the ambition is to outline how to better manage migration with existing tools. An initial internal debate identified four main areas: strong asylum policy, a new European policy on legal migration, fighting illegal migration and human trafficking more robustly and securing Europe's external borders.


    UK events

    5 May, Regent's University, London - Jean Monnet memorial lecture: "Youth, employment, Europe and values"

    This year Regent's University Jean Monnet Memorial lecture will explore youth, employment, Europe and values within the context of the new Youth Employment Initiative (YEI). The discussion will bring together a panel of speakers from different backgrounds to share their expertise under the chairmanship of Professor John Drew, Chancellor and Director of the Institute of Contemporary European Studies. Speakers include: Bethy Woodward, Paralympic World, Commonwealth & European medalist; Robert Swan OBE, explorer, environmentalist and inspirational youth leader and Martina Milburn, Chief Executive, The Prince’s Trust.

    The event is supported by the European Commission Representation in the UK.

    Register online

    5 May, LSE, London: Portugal's way forward – How to turn challenges into opportunities

    The LSE European Institute is hosting the Portuguese Minister of State and Finance, Maria Luís Albuquerque, for one of its public lectures in the series European Perspectives. She will explore the lessons learned by Portugal in its difficult adjustment period after the economic and financial crisis and how to maintain the momentum of the current reforms.

    The event is free and open to all on a first come first served basis. For media, please email|

    More detail

    6 May, LSE, London – Political Community and EU law

    Professor Damien Chalmers will be delivering this year's LSE annual lecture in the series "Europe in Question" on the eve of the general elections in the UK. He will deliberate on the implications from these elections for the UK's future in the EU and will explore how the EU itself could change in the foreseeable future.


    27 May, Chatham House, London: Trouble on Europe's periphery

    Chatham House is hosting three speakers who will each explore an issue affecting Europe's periphery. Professor Sten Rynning from the University of Southern Denmark will reflect on the potential failure of the European order in the light of the war in Ukraine and will consider the possible ways forward. Dr Tracey German from King's College will analyse Georgia’s attempts to ‘rejoin’ Europe and the likely impact the success or failure of this policy will have for the country and the wider region. Bill Park, also of King's College will explore Turkey’s current relationship with Europe and consider its future policy options.

    Detail and registration

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    Contact details

    European Commission Representation in the UK, Press Office
    Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU
    Tel: 020 7973 1971| Email:

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