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Globalisation is good
… our stability and economic welfare depend upon it, says Peter Mandelson, European Commissioner for trade
The Guardian, 9 June 2008

EU must unite to save whales
Article by Stavros Dimas, European Commissioner for Environment
The Daily Telegraph,
5 June 2008

European Commission signs up UK media chief
PRWeek, 5 June 2008

The euro is a triumph
Ten years after it was launched, the single currency has proved the sceptics utterly wrong. Article by Joaquín Almunia European Commissioner for Economic & Monetary Affairs
Comment, The Guardian,
2 June 2008

England has been wiped off a new map. So has France, but it was St George's day so no one cared about that.
The Guardian's "G2" supplement, 25 April 2008

Oh well, if the kids like sherbert, they may as well have it.
Hugh Muir's "diary" in the Guardian, 25 April 2008

Development in danger - the ambitious promises made on aid made in 2005 have not been met.
European governments have to make it a priority, says Louis Michel, European Commissioner for development and humanitarian aid.
The Guardian, 4 April 2008

A biofuel policy can be sustainable
The EU's directive will cut emissions and prevent the destruction of rainforests, says Ferran Tarradellas energy spokesman for the European Commission
The Guardian,
28 March 2008

EU 'committed' to stiff CO2 cut
BBC Online, 21 March 2008

"Empowering consumers will mean a fairer and more prosperous Europe"
European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and EU Consumer Protection Commissioner Meglena Kuneva.
Article, The Daily Telegraph (Business), 10 March 2008

Barroso protectionism alert - European Commission president warns of pressure across Europe
Financial Times, Monday, 3 March 2008

Biofuel target aids poor farmers
Ferran Tarradellas, Energy spokesman, European Commission
Letters, The Independent, 28 February 2008

Energy ownership unbundling benefits households and industry
Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Energy
Letters, Financial Times, 27 February 2008

Feed-in tariffs a big incentive to go green
Ferran Tarradellas, Energy spokesman, European Commission
Letters, The Guardian, 26 February 2008

 Interview with Peter Mandelson, EU Trade Commissioner: EU trade with China
Today Programme, BBC RADIO 4, 8:43am, 25 February, 2008

 Entrevista: Almuerzo con...Reijo Kemppinen
"Los británicos aman a Europa en secreto"
Walter Oppenheimer, El Pais, 7 February 2008

EU reveals energy plan of action
BBC News Online, Wednesday. 23 January 2008

Barroso trade threat on climate
BBC News Online, Wednesday. 23 January 2008

Tough European carbon caps 'imminent'
Channel 4 News, Wednesday. 23 January 2008

 Margot for president
Change the world: If the Lisbon treaty is ratified, the best man for the job of EU president may well be a woman
Polly Toynbee, The Guardian, 21 January 2008

 Barroso stands firm on emissions
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso says there will be no compromise on plans for EU countries to cut carbon emissions.
BBC News Online, Wednesday, 16 January 2008

 012 or bust - by EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas
The Bali summit: Europe wants to start work on a new global climate agreement to replace Kyoto
Guardian Online, Monday 10 December 2007

 Telecom Reforms

EU plans to bring wi-fi to the people
BBC News online, Thursday, 15 November 2007  

Telecoms regulators accused of failing consumers
Guardian Unlimited,  Wednesday, 14 November 2007

EU launches bid to bin telco regulations
The Register,  Wednesday, 14 November 2007

 Brussels threatens action against countries over Mifid breaches
Financial Times, Friday, 2 November 2007  

A long road to any Mifid action
Financial Times,  Thursday, 1 November 2007

EU rules to free up investing
Daily Telegraph, Thursday, 1 November 2007

City set for big changes as Mifid goes live
The Independent, Thursday, 1 November 2007

Soap opera of a directive
The Times, Thursday, 1 November 2007

This is not a poker game
Critics of the EU's trade agreements are gambling with livelihoods in the developing world
Peter Mandelson and Louis Michel
The Guardian, 31 October, 2007

Trade Critics pdf - 42 KB [42 KB] Interview with Commissioner Peter Mandelson on the EU's proposed trade agreements with developing countries
Today Programme, BBC RADIO 4, 7:15am, 31 October, 2007

 Interview with José Manuel Barroso: Reform treaty and the UK opt outs pdf - 12 KB [12 KB]  
Today Programme, BBC Radio 4, 20 October 2007

 Aid for the Tsunami
Letters to the Editor, The Spectator, 17 October 2007

Sir: Contrary to Michael Howard’s claim (‘Lessons of the tsunami the world forgot’, 6 October) that the EU reacted slowly to the Solomon Islands tsunami crisis, European Commission personnel were dispatched to the area the very day disaster struck. On the basis of their assessment, we gave an immediate green light for 550,000 euros in emergency humanitarian aid to be channelled through Save the Children UK (implemented by their Australian arm) and the French Red Cross. We verified the use the funds were put to and concur on the excellence of the NGOs’ work.

Speed being of the essence, the Commission’s humanitarian aid is never delivered through governments. Fast-track financial procedures ensure funds are available within 48 hours. In the case of long-term development aid, the international consensus is that it should be delivered through governments, where possible, to improve ownership and help build local institutions. In the Solomon Islands, donors work together with the government to see how the distribution of aid can be improved. EU funds are being used to reconstruct roads and bridges (in partnership with the Asian Development Bank) and schools (to be implemented by Unicef). Unlike humanitarian aid, these operations are not life-saving but life-improving, and rely on careful planning for their success.

Anthony Gooch,  Head of Media EC Representation in the UK

 Barroso backs Brown over EU treaty
Guardian Online, 11 October 2007

UK 'likely to win' treaty demands
BBC Online, 11 October 2007

'Cautious' approach by Brown as decision over signing of EU treaty looms
The Scotsman, 12 October 2007

Brown rules out vote on EU treaty
The Independent, 12 October 2007

EU President frustrated by Gordon Brown’s red line in the sand
Times Online, 12 October 2007

A topic to bring on the shudders
Michael White in The Guardian, 12 October 2007

Brown's Euro-vision
The Spectator, 11 October 2007


EU Reform treaty

Tim Garton-Ash: "Britain...has to work through international alliances and institutions, starting with the EU"
The Guardian - Comment is free, 4 October 2007

EU Reform Treaty is good for business
The Independent - letter from Roland Rudd, Chairman, Business for New Europe, 1 October 2007

Never was so much written over so little
The Guardian, 30 September 2007

The UK's best hopes lie with Europe
The Independent - letter from Mary Creagh MP, Chris Bryant MP, Richard Corbett MEP and Kerry McCarthy MP, 25 September 2007

The Spectator is wrong to call for an EU referendum
The Spectator - article by Jim Murphy MP, 20 September 2007

Why Britain needs the European Union
The Independent - letter by Richard Corbett MEP, 19 September 2007

Nothing to fear about being positive about Europe
The Times, 18 September 2007

Nodoubts over Treaty
Daily Mirror, 12 September 2007

Thatcher was right about referenda
The Financial Times,  11 September 2007

Europe has so much to offer EU
Daily Mirror - Article by the Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, 5 September 2007

Jim Murphy interview: EU Reform Treaty
BBC Radio 5 Live, 05 September 2007

Turkey is vital to Europe's future
The Daily Telegraph - Article by the Foreign Secretary, David Miliband 5 September 2007

Interview with Foreign Secretary, David Miliband,  31 August 2007

EU referendum calls are misguided
The Financial Times,  27 August 2007

Jim Murphy: EU Treaty is good for Britain, 23 August 2007

Letter by Jim Murphy MP
The Sun , 18 August 2007

Britain does not have to choose one best friend
The Financial Times, 17 August 2007

Redwood cut down
The Guardian,   16 August 2007

The EU's here to stay - so join in
The Observer,   12 August 2007

Brown should not have to choose either EU or US
The Financial Times,  3 August 2007

Strong Europe better for US than papier-mâché allies
The Financial Times, 2 August 2007

 Metrication coverage  

Miles Better!EU Lifts Imperial Ban
Sky News, 11 September 2007

EU gives up on 'metric Britain'
BBC News Online,  11 September 2007 (see also: Q&A: Pounds, pints and the EU)
and Imperial Victory)

Victory for Britain's metric martyrs as Eurocrats give up the fight
Daily Mail, 11 September 2007

EU abandons attempt to force UK to go metric
The Guardian, 11 September

EU abandons drive for metric Britain
FT, 11 September 2007

Victory in fight to keep imperial measurements
Daily Telegraph, 11 September 2007

11 September 2007

 Euromyths: Brussels bunkum or tabloid trash?
Anthony Gooch, Head of Media, EC in the UK talks to Barbara Gruber at Network Europe, 24 August 2007

Fighting for Youth

There is no need for a fight to save UK's VAT zero rates – the European Commission is not planning to scrap them ("UK fights to keep lower VAT" – Guardian 6 July, p.27). On the contrary, the Commission believes that there is a place for more flexibility for member states to apply reduced VAT rates, such as the zero rates the UK applies on children's clothes, newspapers and food, among other products.

The Commission's consultation document published this week considers ways of "rationalising" the current system. The aim is to formally recognise that most member states want to apply lower rates, including zero rates, particularly for social purposes. The Commission wants to make this easier.

Anthony Gooch, Head of Media, European Commission in the UK
Letters Page, The Guardian, 12 July 2007

EU visit to review funding needs
BBC News online, 5 July 2007

EU fact finding mission to the region
BBC 1 South West "SPOTLIGHT", 5 July 2007

EU commitment to competition policy is unchanged
By Michel Petite, Director General Legal Services
Financial Times, 27 June 2007

What has the EU ever done for travellers?
The Daily Telegraph, 23 June 2007

 Interview with José Manuel Barroso on prospects for Reform treaty pdf - 16 KB [16 KB]
Today Programme, BBC Radio 4, 21 June 2007      

EU to ban cat and dog fur trade
BBC News Online, 19 June 2007                                                                                                                

UK beach hygiene hailed in report
BBC News Online, 31 May 2007 


You and Yours, BBC Radio 4, 23 May - Carl Belgrove, senior adviser of National Consumer Council discusses the EU's cap on mobile phone roaming costs.                     

We win scrap over mini loaf
The People, 20 May 2007

Asia threatens to knock British universities off the top table
Interview of European Commissioner for Education Ján Figel' by Alexandra Blair
The Times, 21 May 2007

Top Banana: EU Saves UK Measures
Sky News, 9 May 2007

A yardstick for change- Michael White
The Guardian, 9 May 2007

'No threat' to masters degrees
BBC News Online, 30 April 2007

"We have not always made the best decisions on carbon"
Interview of José Manuel Barroso by Liam Halligan
Sunday Telegraph, 29 April 2007


President Barroso urges UK to "invest in Europe as an opportunity"
Barroso urges UK business to back EU reforms
Financial Times, 26 April 2007

Barroso calls on UK business to back the EU
The Daily Telegraph, 26 April 2007


A global role for EU will help Britainby Peter Mandelson
Daily Mail, 26 March 2007 


The Quiet Miracle: Fifty years of peace, prosperity and soft power - Michael Elliott
Time Magazine, 26 March 2007

What's so great about an ever closer union anyway?
20 benefits from 50 years of growing ties
Time Magazine, 26 March 2007

50 reasons to love the EU - The Independent, 21 March 2007

Ten things the EU has done for you - BBC News Online, 19 March 2007  

 On the night Manchester United play an all-star Europe XI, the President explains the importance of a double 50-year anniversary... more >>>


United in Europe
Leo Cendrowicz finds symbolism aplenty in plans to celebrate the signing of the TreatyUnited in Europe of Rome with a gala of football at Manchester United’s famous Old Trafford stadium - European Voice, 1-7 March 2007
 (Copyright The Economist Newspaper Limited)



 “The Europe of the 21st century takes its inspiration in many ways from Britain,” said José Manuel Barroso yesterday...more>>>


"The article by your Business Editor, John Willman, (“CBI urges EU to scrap ‘damaging’ changes to contract law” 22 January 2007) misrepresents the law currently applying to businesses engaging in cross-border trade to consumers in the EU....more>>> pdf - 14 KB [14 KB]


Peter MandelsonWhere we have failed- Peter Mandelson
The Guardian, 18 January, 2007

Now that Britain's euro membership is on ice, progressives can unite to combat anti-Europeanism



EU plans 'industrial revolution'- coverage of the Commission's new Energy Package BBC News Online, 10 January 2007

EU welcomes Romania and Bulgaria
BBC News Online, 1 January 2007

European Commissioner for the internal market and financial services Charlie McCreevy has rejected criticism that Europe is failing to make progress on financial integration.

Mr McCreevy said that the past six years had seen a big effort to create the framework for a competitive, dynamic single European capital market to emerge – something that was not easy with 25 member states, soon to be 27....more >>>

"EU alcohol ruling cheers traders"
And in response, the head of the European Commission in the UK, Reijo Kemppinen, said: "This is a retrograde step for the European citizen's freedom to shop."
BBC News Online, 23 November 2006


"Peers say auditors too hard on EU"
The head of the European Commission in the UK, Reijo Kemppinen, said he welcomed the House of Lords' efforts to keep the EU's accounting problems in perspective.
BBC News Online, 13 November 2006

 "Europe accepts its role as the green pioneer of the world
by EC President José Manuel Barroso
The Observer, 26 October 2006


"Seeing Through the Hallucinations: Britain and Europe in the 21st Century" - EC President José Manuel Barroso's Hugo Young lecture at Chatham House in London, 16 October 2006
The speech was reported in the Financial Times, and the Guardian among others. Click here for the Guardian article: "Barroso calls for EU to move beyond constitution debacle". Click here for the Guardian article: "You don't have to love Europe. But do you want to lead or be dragged along?"

Huw Edwards interviews European Commission Presidenton Britain's relations with the EU 
BBC Sunday AM,15 October 2006
For a full transcript of the interview on the BBC's website click here

Stepping blind into the vodka war
Reijo Kemppinen, a Finn who is the European Commission's top man in the UK. He enjoys ice cold vodka while singing traditional songs as a warm-up for the Finnish May Day feast.
BBC News Online, 11 September 2006

" A Deal Can Still Be Salvaged from the Doha Ashes," By Peter Mandelson,
Financial Times, July 30, 2006


Countering CounterfeitsBy Carlos Gutierrez, Gunter Verheugen, Peter Mandelson and Susan Schwab
Wall Street Journal, June 20, 2006; Page A20

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