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EU protection for British hop variety
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Published on 24-07-13

East Kent Goldings, a unique variety of British hops used in brewing the finest ales and beers, has been registered as a protected denomination of origin (PDO).  The EU quality scheme of products and foodstuffs which are farmed and produced to exacting specifications protects product names from misuse and imitation, meaning buyers can be assured they are buying the real thing.

    EU protection for British hop variety

    East Kent Goldings are hops with a delicate floral aroma of lightly sweet lemon which are produced, processed and packaged in a defined area of East Kent by a handful of growers.

    Brewers have historically distinguished the superior aroma qualities of this variety of hops and today many brewers, particularly in the USA, specify that the Goldings they purchase must be of East Kent origin.

    Goldings was developed from the Canterbury Whitebine variety in about 1790 by Mr Golding at West Malling, Kent.  By the early of the 1800s, the Golding hops was being grown in East Kent where the soils were best adapted to their growth and found superior to Golding hops grown near Maidstone, thereby commanding a higher price.  To distinguish produce from this area it was sold as East Kent produce, thereby gaining the name East Kent Goldings.

    Cornish clotted cream, Jersey Royal potatoes, Orkney beef and lamb are among the other types of UK produce protected by PDO registration.

    For more information on which UK product names are registered or have been applied for consult the DOOR database.

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