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EU and industry to invest GBP 19 billion in research and innovation
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Published on 10-07-13

The European Commission, EU Member States and European industry will invest more than GBP 19 billion (Euro 22 billion) over the next seven years in innovation for aeronautics, fuel and hydrogen cells for cars, the next generation of antibiotics and for treatments of poverty related diseases.

    EU and industry to invest GBP 19 billion in research and innovation

    Overall, a proposed GBP 7 billion (Euro 8 billion) investment from the next EU research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020, will secure around GBP 8.6 billion (Euro 10 billion) from industry, and close to GBP 3 billion (Euro 4 billion) from EU Member States. Most of the investment will go to five public-private partnerships called 'Joint Technology Initiatives' (JTIs):

    • Innovative Medicines 2 (IMI2): to develop next generation vaccines, medicines and treatments, such as new antibiotics
    • Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 (FCH2): to expand the use of clean and efficient technologies in transport, industry and energy
    • Clean Sky 2 (CS2): to develop cleaner, quieter aircraft with significantly less CO2 emissions
    • Bio-based Industries (BBI): to use renewable natural resources and innovative technologies for greener everyday products
    • Electronic Components and Systems (ECSEL): to boost Europe’s electronics manufacturing capabilities

    The JTIs are open to a wide range of industries across Europe, including SMEs, and all types of research organisations can apply for funding. The Innovative Medicines Initiative, Clean Sky and Fuel Cells and Hydrogen JTIs all currently exist, while the Electronics JTI will combine two current partnerships. The Bio-based Industries JTI is a new initiative. 

    The package also includes four public-public partnerships between the European Commission and EU Member States: new treatments against poverty-related diseases, measurement technologies for industrial competitiveness, support for high tech SMEs, and solutions for the elderly and disabled to live safely in their homes.

    Please note: all amounts expressed in sterling are for information purposes only.

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