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Further cuts to roaming charges
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Published on 01-07-13

From today, EU regulations reduce even further the prices of seven categories of service, covering both retail and wholesale prices. The price that consumers pay for data – be it for maps, email, video or social networking – falls by another 36% from 59 pence (Euro cents 70) to 38 pence (45 cents) per megabyte. The price of making calls falls to 20 pence (24 cents) per minute, a 17% saving. And the price of SMS drops 11% to 7 pence (8 cents) per message.

    Further cuts to roaming charges

    To put that in perspective, a British businessman/woman that goes to France or Germany 10 times for 3 days in one year and uses a smart phone to check maps, social media and emails could save up to GBP 980 in 2013 compared to 2009 prices.

    The European Commission has been fighting a long battle to deliver a single market for ICT and telecoms. Changing the system for mobile roaming charges has been a major part of that effort. In particular, The Commission has said that all consumers need to be able to access services at a similar quality and price, if not the same price. And it has also said that companies need to move to business models where their income is based on real value-adds, not on arbitrary charges or hidden subsidies. Under the roaming regulation, operators have a fair chance to make fair profits – the retail price caps are roughly double the wholesale price caps. But it is clear that there is no place for mobile roaming in a single market, and that it is time for operators to move to more sustainable sources of income.



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