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Commission analyses economic imbalances in UK and 12 other EU states
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Published on 10-04-13

The UK’s most important macroeconomic imbalances are linked to household debt, the housing market, sluggish goods exports and weak productivity growth, according to a European Commission in-depth analysis published on 10 April. The Commission says these imbalances deserve monitoring and policy action. However, the UK imbalances are not “excessive” – unlike those in Spain and Slovenia - says the Commission’s report.

    Commission analyses economic imbalances in UK and 12 other EU states

    The report concludes that in Spain, very high domestic and external debt levels continue to pose risks for growth and financial stability.

    While in Slovenia, the risk of financial sector stability stemming from corporate indebtedness and deleveraging is substantial, including through interlinkages with the level of sovereign debt. 

    The Commission has also published analyses of imbalances in Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Italy, Hungary, Malta, the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden.

    Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus are not included as detailed policy remedies are agreed separately for Eurozone countries receiving EU/IMF loans.

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