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Yorkshire Wensleydale gets EU protection
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Published on 19-12-13

Yorkshire Wensleydale joins the growing list of British foods afforded protection from misuse and imitations under the EU's food quality scheme as a PGI. Other European PGI cheeses include French Gruyère and Danish Blue Cheese. The scheme has helped to eliminate unfair competition and protects consumers from non-authentic products of a lesser quality.

    Yorkshire Wensleydale gets EU protection

    Yorkshire Wensleydale is famous for its unique flavour, texture and appearance.  Its sweet milky and lactic flavour, with crumbly and flaky texture are all the result of the unique starter cultures and the atmosphere of the creamery, as well as the knowledge and skill of the cheese-makers.

    The cheese was first made in the area by French Cistercian monks during the 11th and 12 centuries.  The recipe used today has changed little in the last 115 years since commercial cheese making began and replicates that used in farm houses for generations with much of the process still done by hand using methods that have changed little over the years.

    Other British chees with PGI status include: Dorset Blue, Exmore Blue, Teviotdale and Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar.


    To qualify for a PGI seal (Protected Geographical Indication) a product must be produced, processed or prepared within the a specified geographical area and have a reputation, features or certain qualities attributable to that area.

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