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@diversity:UK cultural innovation wins praise
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Published on 01-11-13 

Three UK innovative projects that use new technologies to promote culture have been distinguished as outstanding at European level. They use digital tools to make box-office movies accessible to blind people, to re-create children's poetry online or to put tourists in touch with artists.

    @diversity:UK cultural innovation wins praise

    The three are among 12 winners of the pilot @diversity awards launched this year on an initiative by the European Parliament. The winners will receive tailored professional coaching to develop business plans and on legal issues, access to finance, marketing and networking. The aim is to attract financing and customers for their ideas and to transform these ideas into a sustainable project, product or service.

    rewalkReWalk Europe uses digital tools to help tourists enjoy an alternative way of visiting an EU city by joining walking tours created by artists.

     Tim Jones |





    poetry cloud

    Poetrycloud is a literary 'instagram' which redefines the concept of anthology by recreating European children's poetry favourites online.

    Neal Hoskins |





    Film downloadsNarrated Film Downloads will make it easier for visually impaired people to enjoy films and increase returns on investment for film distributors. It also aspires to become a mainstream product - a narrated film or audio film, rather than an audio description for the visually impaired'. Dean set up his service when he was 18 and now won the @diverstity award for under 25-olds.

    Dean Rhodes-Brandon|

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