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EU cyber security month: stay safe online
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Published on 01-10-13

Promoting safe online users is the focus of the first European Cyber Security month launched today by ENISA, the EU's cyber security agency, and the Commission.  The awareness raising initiative will involve private and public bodies across Europe fostering cyber security, changing the perception of cyber threats and providing up-to-date security information. The UK's "Get safe online week" begins on 21 October.

    Cyber security incidences can affect anybody from a small scale business, to the largest multinational, from a government network to the pc in your living room.

    New services are increasingly going digital from online payments to the energy grid, but cyber incidence can damage consumer confidence and limit business opportunities within a thriving digital economy and threaten society.

    Everyone is affected and everyone needs to take action. Governments need national strategies and rules, business need to take right measures to make products secure and ordinary internet users need to be aware how their own actions expose them to cyber risks.

    The EU's Digital Commissioner Neelie Kroes said: "We all have the power to prevent and mitigate online threats. Individuals can significantly cut risks, just by regularly changing passwords, making them sufficiently complex, by using different passwords for different sites and by choosing providers with a good security record we can have systems which better protect personal and business data. And if an accident does occurs we can all play our part in ensuring the least impact and the quickest recovery. It can be as simple as backing up data, such as in the cloud, so you don't lose the family photos forever. "


    ENISA is the EU's body of expertise in cyber security.  It supports EU member states and business communities to address, respond and more especially prevent cyber security problems, protecting members of the public, consumers, the digital economy, and public sector organisations in the EU.

    Also, as a body of expertise the Agency assists the European Commission in the technical preparatory work for updating and developing EU legislation in the field of Network and Information security (NIS).


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