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Published on 24-01-13

Driving your electric car across Europe on holiday or on business can become a reality if member states meet binding targets set out today by the European Commission in its clean fuel strategy.

    Driving electric across Europe

    The Commission has proposed a denser network of high-speed recharging points which will make it possible for motorists to drive across the EU without fear of running out of power.

    For the UK this will mean an increase from 703 electric charging points (2011 figures) to 122,000 by 2020. 

    It is expected that the measures can be introduced without the use of public money by changing local regulations to encourage private sector investment and behaviour. For example: stipulating in planning requirements that a new supermarket should offer a certain number of recharging points.

    A common EU-wide plug has also been agreed to avoid drivers having to pack additional adapters when driving across EU borders. That plug will be "Type 2" as it is the most used plug in the EU today.

    The two initiatives form part of the Commission's Clean Fuel Strategy which addresses the problem that at present the use of clean fuels, such as electricity, hydrogen and natural gas, are being held back by three main barriers: the high cost of vehicles, a low level of consumer acceptance and the lack of recharging and refuelling stations. 

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