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Driving down licence fraud
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Published on 18-01-13

Tougher security measures to combat driving licence fraud will be gradually introduced across the EU from 19 January 2013. The new tamper-proof plastic "credit card" format, a style already familiar with many British motorists, will be issued by the DVLA here in the UK.  Motorists will continue to renew photo card licences every 10 years to ensure information, photos, personal details are all kept up to date, as well as ensuring security features track developments in modern technology.


    Driving down licence fraud

    Announcing the changes , EU transport commissioner Siim Kallas said: " Fake driving licences are a licence to kill and  this is why we need licences which are easy to read, easy to understand and very difficult to falsify."

    Measures are also being introduced to protect the most vulnerable road users putting the emphasis on experience. 

    These mean a higher age limit of 24 years for direct access (ie via practical and theory testing) to licences for the most powerful of motorbikes and 21 years for progressive access (ie previous A2 licence for minimum of 2 years). A minimum age of 16 for moped users in the EU is also introduced for the first time.

    Fact check:

    - No motorist will have to change their licences immediately

    - Administrative renewals do not require additional testing

    - The upper age limit for driving is specified and remains the sole responsibility of national authorities

    - No EU-wide harmonisation of sanction or points system

    - National symbols are permitted and will be decided by member states.


    The new format replaces more than 100 different paper and plastic models used by the 300 million drivers in the European Union.

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